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Hi TradingView Family,

Neo has been oversold and is sitting at the bottom of the RSI . We can easily buy around 11,000 Satoshi and Sell between 12,000 - 13,000 Satoshi for easy gains. This will be a quick trade and won't be longer than 3-5 days from now.

Overall I still think NEO is a great coin and has long-term potential to hit $200 within the next month or two and $500 sometime by the end of the year. Nothing to fancy here just an easy chart to read with easy percentages.
Feel free to look through my other TA's or message me. I share most of my trades on telegram with my private group, but i plan to be a bit more active here on TV to share the wealth.

Remember the goal is to be a consistent trader and learn how to multiply your money. You don't need big 50-100% gainers you just need to learn how to do 5-10% at least 2-3x a week, by the end of the month that is 60%. In crypto that is easily obtainable.

Wishing you all well Happy Hunting & God Bless

Komen: *missing a couple zeros on the satoshi counts. Buy around .010 sell .012 (1M satoshi & 1.2M satoshi)
Komen: NEO is looking to go for Support Line 2. Set some buys in .01 Satoshi. Again, the longer the decline the larger the recovery.

Space out your sells at .012-.013
Komen: NEO is turning north. We have to be patient on this one. As i mentioned this is about a 3-5 day trade.

Also we have to expect BTC increase to play a role. Once BTC reverses either at a double top or top of the channel we can expect more positive movements on NEO.


Komen: Right now NEO broke past SL2 with a possible retracement to .0098 satoshi. I think this is due to BTC current upward trajectory and as mentioned in the previous comment as BTC price action reverses we can see more positive movement on NEO. The RSI is still sitting at the bottom and we saw a minor reversal in price.

This is probably one of the reasons why NEO is backsliding. But on a trading opportunity, we are sitting at a -27% decline. Normally after this far of a decline and bottom of the RSI we should see a price recovery. Be a little bit more patient. BTC's price action is the issue it hasn't recovered yet.
Komen: NEO price is reversing while BTC is down + it has been severely oversold. Keeping a steady eye on the recovery.
Komen: Hi Everyone,

What a crazy week for BTC. So right now NEO has reacted how most alts react when BTC is on the move. The market has sold off a lot of alts with the price expectation of BTC's continued downturn.

What we need to do is incorporate the price movement and action of the Big 3 as they will play a huge role in how alt's move.

Right now NEO is at the bottom of the RSI on the daily, 4 HR & 2HR. So what was supposed to be a quick rebound trade (which was the ongoing pattern, if you study the previous trading days), was sorely affected by BTC double top.

As I have advised my group, it is time to take two paths, long term hold investments, or short term trades in profits. We need to have the proper mentality and expectation of the coin and look beyond the specific coin in question but take into account overall market psychology + news.

NEO is overall sitting at the bottom of the RSI and needs some level of price recovery prior to heading south (if it chooses to do so). Right now the market is fighting between consolidation in the bottom of the new uptrend, or further break down towards BTC's $7-8k range.

So we are expected about another 1-2 weeks of uncertainty as we watch the markets play out. Keep an eye out on my BTC posts for further updates.

How'd that work out for you, Regalia? I'm not seeing any TA recently, good luck!
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What makes you think the recovery is poised to happen? Isn't all of this depending on BTC really? All the alts are "poised" to break out... but could just as easily fall more.
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regalia GustavoBrucestavo
@GustavoBrucestavo, BTC already went down to my predicted levels and LTC as well. Unfortunately NEO did not hve the positive price recovery i was expecting. However, I still think the sell targets still hold. RSI is still on the bottom and we need to remain patient. Still a great Long term coin and i can see a $200-300 NEO this year.
Good time to buy now :-)
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Where is your telegram link
Wheres the telegram invite?? Nice Chart, I am bullish in these next days.
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@datsej, i pmed u
thanks for sharing @regalia. Just set my buy order for NEO!
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regalia tobernguyen
@tobernguyen, good luck!!! let me know how you do buddy
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