NEOETH 4H Long: Bullish Divergence of Price vs. Momentum

BITTREX:NEOETH   Neo / Ethereum
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The 4H NEOETH chart shows a bullish divergence of price vs. momentum. The momentum indicator shows the speed at which the price is changing - a divergence of price against momentum is an indication that the current trend might reverse.
The oscillator window shows the momentum indicator and an exponential moving average with a length of 9 (EMA9) applied to it. As you can see, the EMA9 is going up.
Besides the price-candles, I applied an EMA9 too to the price to show that currently the closing prices of the candles are going down - a perfect divergence!
My indicator "Jeddingen Divergence v4" shows this kind of divergences on the chart - I surrounded them with black ellipses.
The past two divergences seemed to be very accurate - so the current divergence might be that accurate too. But we all now the saying: "Past Performance Is Not Indicative Of Future Results" - so play it safe and don't put all your eggs in one basket!
The profit target could be 0.113054 (the point where price is expected to hit the blue trendline ), but I would suggest to get out earlier, for example at 0.104617 (half-way to the trendline ).
For AutoTrendTrader / AutoDivergence / CryptoArbitrage / TD Lines
All the indicators in the world won't make us right no matter how much we think we are.
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