NEOUSD | Time to Buy? - After ICO effects

NEO a quick rise and Fall!
NEOUSD was already depleting and ICO effects the drop by a drastic crash, so what are the after effects on NEO?
Is it a Time to Buy?
NEO coin is one of the most favorable asset in China and after this major move new investors are seeking to fill this gap
so it is possible to see a Bullish wave and continue it's trend to be a part of major cryptocurrencies
with that being said, our technical plot a clear and simple vision to BUY NEOUSD at CMP (If you can manage to compensate your risk) or 15.0 price point considering the fact this analysis is perfectly suitable for Long term and Short term Traders,
(Those who want to HOLD there NEO it's the right time to BUY with NO Stop)
so, what are you waiting for?
let us know in the comment and make sure you like this analysis if you agree!
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for B2B -
I am totally new to crypto... but, will follow you with likes and comments... will get into trading later.
Could be an opportunity, I'm looking at other alts currently, grabbing them cheaper ones:)
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NEO is a far better tech than ETH so i can't see anything other than a bull run on this one.
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@arnelamo, NEO confirms the price action with perfect BUY point! after a long fall of!
Great Analysis, Thank you :D
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I agree with your TA , great time to buy ,
entry wise.
But compared to western central banks and the basics of fundamentals in regards to TA , the dynamics chave changed since ICO regulations in the east , markets still waiting for decision.
China delisted all chinese developement companiesToday.
Hong kong may follow.
So speculation on regulations plays a major role at the moment.
Im holding and going to whether the storm, its a great team, top Tech and experienced management.
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@ozytodd, Storm is coming!
Almost same, Thank you :D
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