NQ - Nasdaq formed a pattern for a potential down move.

I elaborated about this pattern here on TV already a couple times.

Because we have reached the Centerline and price formed this pattern, I'm confident that we could see a larger move down to the L-MLH.

Let's observe how this plays out to get a good understanding of the price movement within this context.

Hi pattern-hunter :)

On 1h chart, new washing again. On day chart, from your post on 1 November, it looks like test/retest on red U-MLH, while gapping yellow warning line. If I add a down slope for example, it bounces off U-MLH towards WL.

I'm following the process, but in comparison on different timeframes I lose track a bit. Could you elaborate which timeframe gives the best insight in which direction to think? What fork is most valid, more or less. I would like to understand the process better.

Thanks & cheers
forker CABRON_NL

Not everyone is the same Hombré ;-)
For me the D. & W. works best...that's why I challenge myself with very low TF's.

Try it out what works for you and create your one stats.

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