NXT 15 Minute Update 6:00 PM DEADLINE!!

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With current volume and the trade deadline for the snapshot at 6:00 PT it is likely not going to reach 13,500. I have posted some new projections with modest gains. RSI and MACD so weak signs of volume increase.

Target 11,350 by snapshot at current volume
Target 13,500 by snapshot if volume doubles

Based on sustained buying support

Komen: https://www.jelurida.com/ico
This is the official site. Any information on the airdrop and et are located here
Komen: I believe this coin will be up and down with no sustained logical rally at this point. I will hold until 5:45 pt and then make a decision. In the meantime I will monitor the chart for any data to lend aid in the decision. This has been a very tricky read. These are my best opinions. Still I am hopeful for a last minute rally to 10,500. It’s still in the numbers with minimal buying support.
Komen: Nxt is moving up. I’ll update some charts if anyone following this still holds any.
i have A question
after all of this and this night
did nxt will rise again or will die just plz i nned to know
so i will not sell
+1 Balas
themandawg jlocool
@jlocool, it probably will die
anyways good luck peace and blessings.
vthokiee97 ashah1985
@ashah1985, good luck bro. Peace and blessings for 2018. Maybe hit 8500 at the snapshot time.
Boom time resistence has shifted upwards. :) to around 7800. you can never have weak hands in this game
resistence at 7600 theres going to be a huge pump i reakon all those with weak hands are out.
chefluc ashah1985
@ashah1985, BE A ROBOT!
Man i got 5k riding on this there is no point for me to sell until the ignis comes out? dunno why people are selling short. I reakon the smart traders are fixing the prices there will be a massive boom right before it hits target . Retards think the drop has already happend
chefluc ashah1985
@ashah1985, NXT has volatility that it may up last with the help of trading robots... but it may also take in account and forecast the drop after snapshot
what I am not sure to relly on is the 6PM PT this is in one H and 25min (1AM UTC) this is in 25 min some one makes a mistake in the statement !
Because actually 6PM PT ON 27/12 = 2AM UTC (next day (28)
ashah1985 chefluc
@chefluc, look i have 5k invested it would make no sense for me to sell before the ignis drop however im going to be on a plane when the target is achieved LOL... Just do the math bro if you have a few hundred invested and you bought over 10000 sats do a stop loss at 7000

if you got more then 2k invested then it would be stupid to sell b4 the drop........

As for your robot theory i like it however the volume on bittrex is crazy and gunbot isnt having any of nxt from what i hear.
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