NXT Upward Trend Begins

We saw an upward trend start earlier on December 7. It is likely to continue for at least next 24-48 hours. It's an easy minimum 20% profit potential with the Bitcoin skyrocketing over 18,000 there are not too many reliable ALT Coins to invest in currently.

Do not invest if you can't afford to loose. NXT has a huge potential of going well over 7200 so if you're afraid to invest heavily right now, we can recommend to do a 2 Day test investment.

Idealized plan is to invest in NXT until December 9, and then reinvest into EMC2 which is expected to have a HF

Good Luck!
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Komen: 75% Confidence in achieving target at just over 5000 within 24-48 Hours
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What's the best thing to do? Sell before the fork and take your profits, or wait for the snapshot to receive the IGNIS. After that the price of NXT will go down big and fast I suppose.
What is your opinion on BTC affecting the NXT pricepoint ? Presumably, should BTC make another 10-20% dip, NXT will be affected as well. Might it affect NXT to the point where it will no longer reach above 4400 ?
@Leiyun, BTC will drop many times so don't concentrate on price too heavily. Dropped almost 4k in prior hours.
Leiyun CryptoManiac101
@CryptoManiac101, You are correct, I need to panicmode less.
Thank you! I was looking for confirmation of my research and thanks to you I established myself in my tactics. I hope we are not mistaken ...
Good Luck!
@DUKER, We already have an uptrend, good luck with your trades!
In NXT since 3000 sats holding until day before airdrop to sell. Hoping to x3 but I’ll adapt to survive. I have 60k NXT LOL.

FYI mate, the emc2 fork DOES NOT give another coin. Just so you know. It only updates the current coin. Einsteinium has confirmed this. You don’t get anything extra from it. But people don’t do their own research and run off with their own ideas (not calling you out, talking in general)

Thanks for sharing the chart mate! :)
+1 Balas
CryptoManiac101 tylergriffsmith
@tylergriffsmith, Never said that it gave a coin
tylergriffsmith CryptoManiac101
@CryptoManiac101, Hey looking back at it that’s true!

Sorry I jumped out at you mate but I’m seen so many uneducated people in the community who say they’ve can’t wait to get the new coin. It’s really cringe because they need to dig a little deeper with their own research and see there is no extra coin but an update on top of the exciting coin!

Keep rockin’
CryptoManiac101 tylergriffsmith
@tylergriffsmith, Good luck with NXT
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