$NXT should have a nice run soon.

TLDR, high TF double bottom , ins h&s , mirror fractal from the center. Low TF double bottom forming, often the second dip is a bit lower than the first.

Just looking at the chart and fractals. If you are new, or a pro who hates my charts and your eyes bleed, good luck. Youll need to zoom in to see why the 2.72 comes up often and in different areas.
Komen: What I had i purchased IGNIS with. IMO good area to buy some nxt. Ardr main net coming next month, and holders of nxt get .5 IGNIS /1 nxt. Or you can buy cheap nxt now and pre purchase ignis, though the ICO price just went up. I would imagine, just as ARDR, IGNIS will be added to polo quickly.
Komen: at least free fall stopped, i didnt rebuy any yet, used it all for IGNIS previously. Lets see if these 2 local bottoms hold with whatever btc does.
Komen: wow forgot i made this, lol
Bad colour usage. no information
@Trizle, win
Thanks for your TA Noobincript been following you for a long time man, been learning lots
+1 Balas
@Labassa01, thx for your kind msg, i admit some things i do are a bit messy and abstract. we all see the charts through a diff lens
TA is a great tool, but only works under normal market circumstances, this coin is heavily price manipulated TA does NOT work.
@blkman, fib targets off double bottoms are TA (as shown numerous times above), and for all the bot algos on this and other coins, I think TA works on all this stuff except maybe the most illiquid coins
blkman Noobincrypt
@Noobincrypt, Ok man, good luck with that. This is crypto, lot's of stuff happening you don't know about. Hope you don't drag to many other naive crypto noobs down with you.
@blkman, thx for sounding like a condescending idiot :D
@blkman, press play again
can you give us TP 1 TP 2? or any predictions?
+1 Balas
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