Give yourself a late Christmas present ;D

For those of you who already own NXT you is wise! Those considering buying, you probably shouldn't wait any longer cause this is probably the lowest it will be for the next several days...

NXT platform is releasing Ignis coin as a FREE airdrop to all NXT hodlers at a 2:1 ratio-- for every 2 NXT you own, you will get 1 Ignis coin (badass right?) :) "FREE you say?" yeah bro, free money right after Christmas. Perfection.... Make sure you're hodling until the 28th to receive coins.

Currently BITHTC is trading Ignis futures at around $2.78/coin... What's strange is I can't find a definitive answer ANYWHERE for what the tradeable Ignis coins initial price will be.... It would be dope if it's close the futures current price.

Click the link below to check if your exchange/wallet qualifies for the air drop and some light reading about the project.

If you like my analyses give it a thumbs up! and comment that it's helpful so I know I'm giving you guys the best content!

Tips are greatly appreciated and 100% goes towards providing the best analyses to help you guys make money :)
NXT address: NXT-97H4-KRWL-A53G-7GVRG
Komen: I just noticed I labeled this a "short" trade, and I should have labeled it long. Sorry about that! regardless I'm so excited for what the next few days will bring as far as gains! it feels like a pressure cooker that's just building and building and man when that lid blows off everybody hodling is gonna be grinning from ear to ear :D
Where is the analyse?
You are panhandling for coin, at least give us a shorting target...
adamrazzle elnardo
@elnardo, Bro you have ZERO rep, ZERO friends, and ZERO ideas posted.... You have no place to talk shit because you're a piece of shit....... I make all my analyses for free and I have never been tipped once. In fact I have only put wallet address on 2 ideas so far. I've been spot on and I know people who've looked at my ideas and agreed have made money, so why not ask for tips?

This idea is a special circumstance that doesn't have a target because it's impossible to know what exactly is going happen. What I do know is that this coin is going to continue to go upwards at least until the 28th. Pick your own target price douchebag, don't depend on me to do all the work for you, for FREE nonetheless.
elnardo adamrazzle
@adamrazzle, your ideas are so cool and spot on, why are u asking for tips? You already made shit load of money, right?

Don't worry about me bro, I'm old enough to get my own idea of what to do, even more when it belong to common sense.


adamrazzle elnardo
@elnardo, I do pretty good as far as returns but I'm not rich by any means, I still have a day job and make less than 40k a year not taking investing into account. But I don't have to post my ideas for anyone, I do it out of the kindness of my heart because it helps me reinforce what I know and i like helping make smart investments, so it's not unreasonable to ask for tips........ If you're smart enough to spot trends, why are you asking me for target price? hahaha........ It's ok to be a noob but don't be an arrogant one.
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