For those, who followed me, NXT target price for the next swing

Dilihat 1701 kali
1701 14
When it touches upper trend line , - sell!!!

1. 38 hma here is acting as support and a large deviation from it will push the price back immediately.
2. NXT is trading in ascending channel which coincides with... guesss what...
3. Target price on the classical cup with handle pattern.

Hope you i'm wrong and this coin goes up, but i will sell at least half of my position when target hits!
How much go target level of next ?
TonyCryptano TheCryptoLabs
@TheCryptoLabs, what lol?
TheCryptoLabs TonyCryptano
@TonyCryptano, great trade, conservative target :)

It's not showing on your chart for some reason... but it looks like we've broken through the upper resistance line.
TonyCryptano tartankiwi
@tartankiwi, Thanks god! I'm selling right now!
tartankiwi TonyCryptano
@TonyCryptano, Lol, I say broken... it smashed through 2966 satoshis.

I'm tempted to take some profit, but I made that mistake with EMC2 at 3500 satoshis and it's now at 10k. So i'm gonna sit tight and ride this one closer to the airdrop on the 25th December. Good luck dude.
TonyCryptano tartankiwi
@tartankiwi, Broh! If i see the good coin, I ride it till the end. But I feel like experienced trader and I want to magnify my profits. I can show you my strategy to identifying parabolic tops which I invented on these days. Do you want to chek it out? I sold half of my position on resistence and half almost at the top! Look at the chart now and say if i am not right
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TonyCryptano TonyCryptano
@TonyCryptano, And by the way, next rocket show is XLM
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