NXT Entry Point Nice Reward to RiskR 5.5:1

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Waiting for a break above the triangle. Lots of room to run now that the FUD about BTC futures seems to have fizzled.

After breaking above the ascending triangle we made it about half way to target 1. For the moment we forming a symmetrical triangle which is neutral bias. A break below could see us retrace to around .55, a break above most likely takes us to target 1.

One could adjust their stop to just below the current triangle to protect the 5+% gain on the last trade, and free up some liquid funds to rebuy at .55

One could also enter above the top slope with a stop around .6 for a late entry on this trade.

Happy trading!
Komen: Damn the inability to edit posts. These typos will haunt my dreams.
Komen: Bottom of symmetrical triangle broke. Position reduced for liquidity. Buybacks set at .55, .50, .45

Positive movement this morning for NXT. Placing a buy above .70 will allow you to get in on the run up to .795. With volume we could make it up to .95 for a final destination on this trade.

Of course some profits should be left in NXT to collect Ignis on the 28th.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: First and second targets hit.

Still have about 1/3 + profits in for the to the 28th.

Just went back to see if this channel is holding up. It is! Though it has penetrated the resistance side (top), which is great. Another break of the major resistance could send us into exponential growth rather than linear. At a min. I'm calling $1.50 by the 27th on the upper end of a possible $4-5.

Also Bittrex just announced it is supporting the Ignis Airdrop. So, if you were looking for an exchange to hold your NXT in:

Quick note: I couldn't send my NXT directly from Poloniex to Bittrex, so I quickly converted them to LTC, sent LTC to Bittrex (quicker and cheeper than BTC), sold LTC to BTC then bought back my NXT with BTC. A pain in the butt, but worth it get those sweet sweet Ignis on the 28th!
Well, it went beyond your expectations and calculations!!
njamal njamal
Still, holding for long.
Tmoran njamal
@njamal, Always better to over-preform than under preform :)
njamal Tmoran
@Tmoran, Yup exactly,, thanks for your analysis,
Man Can you please do ETC/USDT or ETC/USD ,, no one is talking abou it..
@Tmoran thanks so much
@Tmoran just want to thank you for all of the amazing knowledge that you share! I've learned more about trading in the last three weeks of reading your posts than in the whole year of crypto trading I've been doing on my own.
Tmoran bkallday
@bkallday, Thanks! That makes my day!
I'm probably talking nonsense because only beginning to understand, but does it make sense to analyze a chart NXT, if he is going to follow BTC?
Tmoran versohner
@versohner, Every coin follows BTC to some extent, but they don't follow it exactly and their pivot points will be different. You can see the triangles forming across the market, Measuring the possible gain and betting the best return when the market turns upward is the name of the game. You might squeeze 2-5% out of some coins or 20-50% out of another.

I'm always trying to find coins/trades to outperform BTC (note: I own BTC separate from my trading funds - I just let it sit there and add to it from time to time). If I'm not outperforming BTC, I might as well just buy BTC and HODL :)

LTC is another good option with a clear ascending triangle if you are looking to diversify.
Can you tell me how you put 1 and 2 target? This is based on chart analysis or is it just a "psychological" levels that you set for every 10 cents?
And I can honestly write, if you are tired of my questions :)
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