PotCoin about to finish parabola?

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MACD has crossed, RSI is looking good and most of all on the one day chart it looks like it's about to complete it's parabola shape, which means it should head for the moon soon, get in while you can stop loss at 2050!
Komen: First target is a confirmed breakout which is about upwards of 2150.
Komen: Targets:
(1) 2150
(2) 2600
(3) 3200
(4) 4000
(5) 6000 (ATH)
Komen: Don't panic, there is lots of resistance at 2100 sats, hence the first target, but this will definitely pay off in the long run so just hold on.
Komen: It's broken 2.1k now, and it's GOING!!!
Komen: As expected there's more resistance, sit tight!
Komen: We've reached 2150 and looking seriously bullish now!
Next target 2600.
Komen: It wants to go up,but resistance around 2150 is strong, keep an eye out for breakout
Komen: Lost a lot of steam now, hope you are keeping an eye on it because it's looking extremely volatile, could go up or down, keep your stop loss in place and be ready to sell if it increases out of control. It has started making 25 sat jumps.
Komen: OK, 2160, here we go again POTCoin vs Resistance lets just reach 2200
Komen: This will be tough since some people will want to dump their POT --> BTC to buy Ripple now
Komen: Another pullback, something is bound to happen, if you're in it for a scalp be careful. Long term holders need not be worried
Komen: We've lost a lot of steam now, will update when we're close to breaking resistance again
Komen: At 2160 again, this will break soon!
Komen: Broken 2170 with this push, getting stronger and stronger!
Komen: Just passed 24h high, let's hope it can gain more momentum from here
Komen: We have hit 2.2k! Good luck from here on out. Will update if targets are reached and if I change my position
Komen: Hope you put in those stop losses , all cryptocurrencies are dropping, hope you sold so you can buy the dip
you dont know what you talking about ...
@Klauzs, just be patient, padawan
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