POWR - Approaching Critical Trendline

BITTREX:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
POWR appears to be approaching a key resistance of its general downward trend. Two scenarios I'm looking at are a possible breakout to the 0.5 Fib level (0.00007321), which could represent an end to the downtrend, or a rejection that retraces at least to the current key support (~0.00006), in keeping with the current trend.

If POWR breaks bearish , there's a possibility that it retraces as far as the 0.236 Fib level (~0.00005).

Sideways consolidation is possible if we haven't yet hit the upper resistance of the downward channel , but I find that unlikely given our 4 Hour MACD . I don't think such a tight range is sustainable, and I believe that our next major move will be bearish , towards the 0.236 Fib.

DYOR, TNFA, etc. but I'm setting my buy orders between 0.00005000 and 0.00005640, with my targets around the 0.5 Fib level.

The Crypto Lark ( is hosting an interview with Power Ledger Managing Director David Martin this week, on the FA side of things.

Komen: The aforementioned video:

Power Ledger will not only be fore house-to-house/community-to-community power transfer. It will be an exchange platform upon which anyone can invest in sustainable energy.
Komen: Looks like we're on track to hit the trendline in < 8 hours.
Komen: We just touched the top of the potential buy zone.
Komen: We just met and passed below the middle of the potential buy zone.

I'm looking to target a retest of the 0.5 Fib level sometime between now and Dec 8.
Powr is intersting coin.
long term investment coin??
2018 Most anticipated coin...
Do you agree??
I hope so... 30$
what do you think about powerledger now? I bought some at 6500 level. Is it a good time to buy in more or stop loss?
On the money so far...
I'm not sure what else POWR can announce to make the price surge again?
fittsjk Cortex7
@Cortex7, It's possible that POWR becomes like NEM (XEM) --unbelievably rock solid in all departments, more on the ball than 99% of the competition, and still grossly undervalued/impervious to their own good news. That being said, I have to believe such states are only temporary. The partnerships and APV (actual product value) will eventually win out over hype. POWR has no competition on their level --not even close.
You think it will go down more before it will shoot up?
fittsjk Avethist
@Avethist, Prepare for both scenarios. I find sideways consolidation unlikely, but nothing is impossible in crypto.
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