BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin
Here is an update of the structure developing for Redd. The idea is still the same, however the pattern is slightly different. What are your thoughts?

Trade with care.
Dagangan aktif: It is live. It went faster than I thought. Going for 20x on this.

Idea Berkaitan

pumped bcos mentioned by mcafee, becareful with his next tweet, could be pump and dump
Hi thans for your TA, what do you mean saying 20x ? What will be the price according to your opinion ?
AbdorhmanThi mimar.tolga
@mimar.tolga, 20x in USD value.
mimar.tolga AbdorhmanThi
its price is aprox. 0.015$ . You mean it would be 0.3$ If we convert this value to Btc it costs 0.0000214285 . Is not that so unbeleivable
now what you think bro it was pump and now dumping , is there any chance of pump again?
AbdorhmanThi hamzanaqvi
@hamzanaqvi, Not for awhile. Because it was a P&D, I would avoid it if you're not in it yet. I see Redd potentially going back into slumper.
hamzanaqvi AbdorhmanThi
@AbdorhmanThi, oh i missed the opportunity to sell it on 196 :(
AbdorhmanThi hamzanaqvi
@hamzanaqvi, Well there was no way you could predicted 196 exactly unless you got some insider info. If you have only a small portion on this. I would just hold it thru 2018.
hamzanaqvi AbdorhmanThi
@AbdorhmanThi, i have nearly 150k coins bro , what should i do now ? hold it or sell it ?
AbdorhmanThi hamzanaqvi
@hamzanaqvi, Lol. I have a lot more than that. It's ultimately up to you. I am holding mine to -10-20 cent. 2k satoshi.
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