Final Attack Materia + Phoenix: The Return of SC?

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
It's been several months since I have charted Siacoin. On July 11 I said "winter may be long and very cold". Well shit. For once I wish I hadn't been right.

But I'm glad to say that after an insanely long period of consolidation, there are signs of life for Sia . I hope you've been accumulating nice and low.

SC is navigating it's way into the middle of a downwards pitchfork . RSI is strong, MACD is bullish . Massive squeeze occuring in the Bollinger bands . Waiting for the Chikou span to cross and a close above the cloud for confirmation of further bullish movements.

PM me for entries, targets, and custom charts.
Dagangan aktif: SC is cheap now, don't forget to buy the dip :)
Komen: Watch Sia
Komen: Flirting with trigger line
Komen: ;)
Komen: First target hit :)
Komen: Second target hit @ 99 sats
Komen: Possible cup and handle
Komen: Sia has been trying to break above the Ichi cloud for the better part of the year. Expect fireworks when we close above
Komen: Decision time soon
Komen: BANG!
Komen: Update on possible C&H
Komen: Almost time for another run
Komen: BANG
Komen: ABout to go again
Komen: Target 4 hit @ 190 sats
Komen: Things are resetting after McCafe drama
Komen: SC looking great long term, but it's going to be a big fight to get through this resistance zone.
Komen: More good news for Sia!
Komen: Sia putting up an amazing fight despite the BTC tyranny
Komen: SC literally does not give a fuck about the BTC pump right now...
Komen: Sia has broken through strong resistance zone! This is massive if it can close above 400 sats.
Komen: Eyes on SC
Komen: If you didn't panic sell during the korean FUD here's what SC is doing
Komen: I believe we are still in a bull flag, but here is an update on the angle
Komen: Sia riding the kumo
I'm all in! Do you think we'll see a dip once the wallets go back online?
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Brisben ThaCryptoDon2017
@ThaCryptoDon2017, Try not to go all in this high up mate. All in @ 80 sats is fine. You gotta be wary up here getting closer to all time high. We might see a dip, however, my suspicion is that the wallet is closed to prevent arbitrage with Polo, so we may not see it open for a while.
@Brisben, I meant all in as I haven't pulled out any of my investment and I'm riding the wave. I wish I bought in at 80 sats I'm just getting in to the crypto world, however, your info is very much helpful. Thank you!
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Brisben ThaCryptoDon2017
@ThaCryptoDon2017, You're welcome! If you want to learn how to chart for yourself I run a beginner's chart analysis and trading course :)
Sia will be huge, got some early
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Brisben: "... SC is cheap now, don't forget to buy the dip :) ..." - Yeah, I agree!!
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I agree with you. Excellent moment to buy and wait.
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do you see any uptick projections for today (hardfork) pls?
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Brisben deep_thought
@deep_thought, I don't see it having a big impact. But I do think upgrades are good news for SC. But I can't say for sure. I'm sticking to what I know :)
@Brisben, what target do you see for today/tom pls?
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