SC - Possible IMMEDIATE 20% ROI

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Buy now, it looks to break through and stay through this time.
Dagangan aktif: Volume is getting stronger and may continue as people dump BTC for whatever's trending upwards... SC started moving up when BTC started heading down. Looks like the market manipulators have picked SC as one of the pump du jours. With any pump comes a dump and any trade that ends in profit is a good one. If you think missed profits hurt, experience a loss after having profits in hand but held out for more. It sucks and can affect your judgment in future trades.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: I made the wrong call about the volume being strong and getting stronger, I don't think it's strong enough to break through 560 let alone the next level and is getting weaker. Good news is that we can exit for minimal losses or even a few a few points depending on your entry. Don't panic, SC has plenty of volume so spread any exit over multiple trades (if that's what you want to do).
Dagangan aktif: If you took your time selling off and have some left, you might want to keep it. Volume just picked up in the last 15 minutes and looks to have good momentum. Should be a temp pullback in a few minutes before it tries to breakthrough.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: 500-525 looked (or looks) to be the reentry zone. Order book appears to be a straight shot to 570 but it could be a trap to lure people to buy in from 530-560. In a situation like this I'm a bird in the hand kinda guy so I'll be selling most of what I bought in the 520s before it gets to 570 for profit in hand. At this point it could break through 570 but only if the volume gets stronger. I know it looks like I'm flip flopping and it's because I am. I'm not an investor, I'm a day/swing trader and there's a difference in strategy and execution. I make decisions based on real time info and sometimes there's too much to analyze. One of the most important driving forces, volume, is sporadic and unpredictable and requires constant monitoring. For example, I bought a position at 552 in case it retested and broke through (which it didn't) before it dropped to the reentry zone. Knowing it would come back to retest (or at least try), I bought extra positions to replace the 552 position when I sell it off.

At this point SC can go anyway. The TA indicators point strongly to a breakthrough but the volume concerns me and it's because it's clearly manipulated volume so we never know what the end game of the market manipulator is *this cycle.* Regardless, it'll bounce around for a bit so if you want to get out or get in, they'll be plenty of opportunities. My best estimate would be 500-30 to enter, 540-560 to exit and then there's always the chance it breaks through and tests 650 and beyond. This will be my last update as I'll be closing most of my positions (I always keep a little in play so psychologically I don't feel like I missed out entirely). Best wishes to everyone actively trading SC.
hi, first target to sell ?
Regera PavelBodjo
@PavloBodjo, I almost always base my exits on volume. Strong volume = 644. Really strong volume = 680. Weak volume = 565 -570 before it bounces off resistance. The nice thing trading SC is that there's always plenty of buyers and sellers on either side which makes a surge like this in 45 minutes so unexpected.
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Regera PavelBodjo
@PavloBodjo, see my update, I don't feel good about the volume (or lack thereof).
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