Siacoin Holding Strong With Bitcoin Bull Run - Easy Long

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
One of the alt I kept in my portfolio over the weekend.
- One day MACD divergence.
- RSI bullish .
- Volume still relatively low, until just this afternoon we had our first rally.
- On the 30 mins chart we just finished correcting from first impulse wave, it is a good time to buy right now.
-Enter: 65-75
- Short term target can be around 100; I will take some at 100 and some at 130.

Good Luck Trading :)
Dagangan aktif: one minute chart looking interesting.
Dagangan aktif: Good morning friends! What a great way to start the day!
Took some profits at ~93 levels and ready to buy back. Now is a good time to buy, it just corrected back to the buy range in short time frame. Good luck.
Komen: Took some more profits again at 100 and bought back at 94 (nailed the one min time frame!)
Still looking strong!

- 100 (*REACHED*)
- next target135
Get ready folks.
If it breaks support, I am stopping at 80.
If it hits the box this afternoon, I will take profit and look to re-enter tomorrow.
Support holding strong!!
If next breakout doesn't form from the falling wedge, we will have to wait a few days.
Komen: Please note that there is a high chance we have to wait for a few days as the volume is not high enough. We cannot pre-determine if the support will hold (I find sideway consolidation unlikely) so it is a valid option to exit and re-enter tomorrow.
Dagangan aktif: I will not be posting any more updates today.
I have decided to not exit my positions as 80 support is strong.

Good profit today and let's get ready for tomorrow!
Dagangan aktif:

Good morning friends we got another day ahead of us!
What is luck? Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

We prepared for all the scenarios and was ready to wait for a few days, but here goes siacoin again!

This is a 1hr chart, as we can see, the RSI still has PLENTY of room for growth.
Hold strong my friends. It is even an option to HODL till 2018 and beyond (which I think is a not bad option).

Another possibility:
We lose momentum and volume and fail to reach a higher peak than yesterday.
If this scenario happens, the RSI will drop from now all the way to the bottom as shown by this red line.

Or this. Prepare for all, and react properly when the market plays out.
Dagangan aktif
Dagangan aktif: Yesterday was slow, we're moving again today.
Dagangan aktif:

Look at it go!
Komen: Someone followed this siacoin trade and PM-ed me saying he'd like to send me some tips.
I am beyond mind blown and extremely flattered. This is truly motivating!

So here we go, if you found this trading information helpful, you can consider riding this wave with me. From a six pack of beers, gym membership fees, to a fancy dinner and even a month of rent!

A true symbiotic relationship like ants and aphids! Together, we can make this work!


Of course, please feel no pressure/obligation to do so.
But as we all know, reward is the best stimulus for supreme motivation!
And if you do decide to contribute, please PM me so I can thank you for your generosity:)

And I wish you all another profitable and great day!
Komen: BTC:12L635hTz12ZcwBzdixwKyWYpkpUa5ve8p
Dagangan aktif: Feel free to lock in profits at your own comfort.

Congratulations, we together made this trade successful! And we together share the fruits!
Dagangan aktif: We are almost reaching 200!

Another coin that you can keep until 2018. But remember to lock in profits first!

Congrats to those who made killer profits off this trade, thank you all for joining.
You can also send me a tip to my siacoin address, I greatly appreciate it.

-SiaCoin: ffa0b62229a5580cc077ad300af8af4be599f9f58675bd219faec09b0a9b82eac7a960d7e990
I guess I entered into SIA too late, I have 25% profit still.. Should I keep for short term?
AlexCH nevzus
@nevzus, lock in some profits. As long as you lock in profit, the rest is up to you!
nevzus AlexCH
@AlexCH, Thank you. Does it mean move the profits to something else and keep the original portion in it?
AlexCH nevzus
@nevzus, How much you want to lock in/keep in the market is a financial decision I cannot make for you. But a golden rule: you never lose from taking profit!
+1 Balas
annnndd its tanked
AlexCH Jamie888Sontiago
@Jamie888Sontiago, It's only been a day my friend, I am very much accumulating during this drop.
I wouldn't go for short-term profit on a coin with such potential as Siacoin. However I do agree completely on your analysis, lets hope it holds up!
AlexCH MisterShaker
@MisterShaker, I am glad you mentioned! I mainly day trade, so if you guys/girls do decide to take short term profits and extract more profits, make sure to try and pick it back up when it corrects in short time frames (low RSI)
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