BITTREX:SHIFTBTC   Shift / Bitcoin
Shift ought to be a top ten coin and should have a billion dollar marketcap. This is backed up if you look at the data and fractal activity. I was right before, I will be right again. Unless you have taken a vow of poverty, I beg you to act on this insider information.
I also forgot to mention this is a dpos coin... You earn coins passively every month by holding them in wallet and voting for delegates. Voting system / earning is being reworked in March as well.
Look at is like a mining rig without having a rig.
So selling your whole stash below $100 is pretty big mistake.
1bil marketcap = $100 coin since low supply

I for example earn 50-202 coins a month depending on delegate shares. So 50 coins base is $5000/month passive income I can invest into other crypto.
hi. what makes SHIFT unique??
sbodi CharlesCoinCing
@CharlesCoinCing, It is a pretty cool little coin actually.
So dAPPs (coins) like lets say Augur for example can be hosted on the side chains of Shift.
Atomic swaps will be implemented so they can change tokens back and forth easily.
Then you have IPFS web hosting - the HTTP replacement. Mozilla has been looking into this through some support tickets I've looked up about implementing into their browsers so we wouldn't need "jenga" that is currently monitoring DNS traffic so you don't need a 3rd party plugin to see the new website hosted IPFS.
So they've built the base network for the next level of web hosting - getting nodes placed and people to do it.
Then they built a base for devs to create their own dAPPS and host on side chains. At the same time these devs could host their new page on Shift and have supporters buy shift to buy their tokens then using atomic swap method to exchange them instead of an exchange like bittrex.

They offer quite a bit in a nice little package.

So block chain meets Lisk + godaddy.com = great investment

Also Lisk system architect (Isabella) joined the team so that speaks volumes of what is to come.

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