Sneaky Blinders! SNT uptrend cant stoppable

BITTREX:SNTBTC   Status Network Token / Bitcoin
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BTC cant break major resistance and SNTBTC will going up and up till forever?! :)
Dagangan aktif: BTC should break the major resistance to stop SNTBTC / SNTUSD growing.
Now SNTBTC is resting for another bullish movement.
Dagangan aktif: Today, SNT has some trouble with low volume because of Binance trading problems.
And day traders was gone for jumping another coins, but they would come back and we will see good volume.
SNT is demand role at the moment but it will cross supply mode and we will see bullish movement in few hours.

We are doing well. Hope this is bounce movement, recovered fast.
Dagangan aktif:

Finally, we are on the way :)
Dagangan ditutup secara manual:

BTC has little correction to 15500 range, and possible bearish movement could move BTC prices under 15000. it could give us nice exit or swing trading possibilities for SNTBTC.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: we touched 4793 which is ATH.
Possible movements for SNTUSD

BTC is clearly uptrend channel at the moment, if you not shorted yet you should wait to next wave of BTC.
At the moment we couldnt see any bearish movement from BTC so we are in trouble, if BTC break 16.500+ we would see 0.00002500@17500
Meanwhile i'm still holding my SNT coins and shorted %50 4-5 times.
BTC is bullish and it seems very powerful.
You could set stop loss @0.00002800 - @0.00002850
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BTC just ruined it. What do you think?
Same shit Binance has slowed down trading at the moment, it could harm breakout.
Thanks for the insight! When do you think we should expect a breakout? Currently holding but could be doing other trades. Thoughts?
BitComRat jmc1114
@jmc1114, it will start when BTC goes down. we are all hold!
danbut BitComRat
@BitComRat, when do you expect btc go donw ? in terms of of now
@IdanLichter, it is hard to guess but i think BTC will test support levels before push up, and as you see updated image, we are at minor bearish downtrend and need to bounce else it will fall.
Need more time to understand what she would do. at image you can see dark navy MA(50) tells as we are bearish mode. but it is SNT, she could peak up anytime, we need to keep eye on BTC movement.
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