SPX Down time!

SP:SPX   Indeks S&P 500
Hello folks great day to be alive in the best time to be alive in history !

As all my followers know I am a Elliott wave trader & in Elliott waves we teach that when a trend line in a 5 wave breaks its time for a ABC correction

now don't get me wrong I don't think the world is ending or anything I just think a nice 30% - 40% drop in the stock market would give it enough momentum to break all time highs again and head for my long-term target of 10,000$+ per index on SPX

Technical aspects of this trade

- Elliott waves 1,2,3,4,5 waves in place (always followed by ABC correction)
- trend line broken
- to much hype in the media and news everyone is getting greedy and thinking "OH THIS CANT FALL NO WAY NOT WITH DONALD TRUMP IN OFFICE!" guess what charts don't care about who is president they care about how much profit is taken on unsustainable growth curves (not fundamentals)
- Targets shown on chart

stay profitable folks!
Komen: Stopped out watching for potential bull moves
Dagangan aktif: Active shorts
Not time

been following you for a while, love your attitude and way of thinking.
keep up posting new ideas about stocks and non-crypto investments also - as it seems like a very interesting timing.


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