The S&P 500 bull run has reached another unconfirmed peak

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The FED leaves the rate unchanged and the Facebook earnings and many other earnings were good so the overall trend is very bullish , but there is a growing drag lower due to falling Oil prices and for example the China stock index had declined.below 3000 points. The Apple island top could also fizzle very fast and drag the DOW Industrial lower.

Unless the market breaks out higher before this week ends I stay bearish , because I'm usually emotionally too early with my trading ideas and not too late and my last bearish idea has still not played out, but is now showing early signs of being true. I had oil as risk factor already anticipated in my last chart, but forgot to mention it (see related ideas).

Scenario A "fast brief dip":
Short entry: 2180
Short target:2125

Scenario B: "bearish deep decline"
Short entry: 2160
Short target:2087
Komen: UPDATE: 3 days later after publishing the chart.

While analyzing the largest company stocks (by market cap) in the US (and the world) using the new Tradingview screener function I noticed that many big company stocks have already fallen (in some cases a lot) lower. So maybe the downtrend potential of the S&P 500 index is already over while not being visible in the sideways range on the S&P 500 index itself. If true the S&P 500 rally might go even higher in August when the following stocks bounce back up higher (or even make new highs). In other words I'm much less bearish than I was 3 days ago when I created the chart before the last day of the month (July) had closed.

Here are the stocks to watch in August, if they find a bottom soon or continue the recent decline:

Exxon (US), peaked July 15:

Berkshire (US), peaked July 19

Amazon (US), peaked July 12

Johnson & Johnson (US), peaked July 20

GE (US), peaked July 20

AT&T (US), peaked July 5

Wells Fargo (US), peaked July 14

JP Morgan (US), peaked July 14

Wall Mart (US), peaked July 11

Verizon (US), peaked July 5

Procter & Gamble (US), peaked July 14

Pfizer (US), peaked July 15

Shell (non-US), peaked July 14

Novartis (non-US), peaked July 22

Alibaba (non-US), peaked July 21

Budweiser (non-US), peaked July 1

Chevron (US), peaked July 14

Petro China (non-US), peaked July 14

Coca-Cola (US), peaked July 14

Visa (US), peaked July 25

Oracle (US), peaked July 15

Intel (US), peaked July 20

Merck (US), peaked July 13

Disney (US), peaked July 13

Cisco (US), peaked July 26

Taiwan Semiconductor (non-US), peaked July 27

Unilever (non-US), peaked July 1

UnitedHealth Group (US), peaked July 20

Altria (US), peaked July 05

Citigroup (US), peaked July 15

Brystal Meyers (US), peaked July 15

Schlumberger (US), peaked July 22

Gilead (US), peaked July 25

3M (US), peaked July 20

McDonalds (US), peaked July 22

Kraft Heinz (US), peaked July 8

CVS (US), peaked July 14
Great research, thanks for sharing all that.
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