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Boom in 2018, dont sell...
The value of STRAT and other alts will need to be a LOT higher for it to reach the same BTC ratio again as in May 2017.... BTC value has grown over 10X since then. If BTC goes to $30K then it's gonna be even harder for START and other alts to reach anywhere close to previous BTC ratio.... isn't that ture?

That's why I don't get how you can draw fib lines on BTC ratio chart and expect the value to go retrace back to these areas, it's significantly harder now
CryptoJulio devilninja777
@devilninja777, Interesting POV, but how can you explain some altcoins already did repeat their market cycle against BTC, by exemple : KMD, LSK, they just came back to their historical BTC ratio, even if BTC is more expensive now... More money is coming to the market, not only in BTC, so there is a chance for coins like STRAT to go back to this level. Other coins in similar position is PAY.
devilninja777 CryptoJulio
@CryptoJulio, That is true, that's what I'm hoping for... even 25% retrace to those levels would be a good trade. I would love for it to go back to previous BTC ratio... it's just tough when BTC is so bullish, I think 2018 will be another bullish year for BTC
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