STR LONG - a stellar future!

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
Stellar lumens will go the distance in 2018! Honestly, anything under 50c for stellar lumen is a good deal. STR/XLM has the potential to be one of the biggest cryptocurrency in 2018. They have an amazing team with a product that is not only geared towards bringing financial services to the poor but is also slowly becoming the go to ICO platform.

Anyways, I am still very bullish on lumens. As we've seen, xlm has pushed 1.8k sats without any news thus far and the only thing that is really holding xlm back is BTC's movement. Everyone is eagerly waiting that major market mover announcement and we all know that its coming early Q1 2018!

If you look at the chart on a 1hr time frame, you can see that an inverse head and shoulders are forming (the right shoulder still needs time to finish forming). Regardless of this inverse head and shoulder, it will be pivotal that BTC is holding stable AKA sideway market. However, BTC's movement will not be of much importance if the major market mover announcement is announced. Anyways, the inverse head and shoulder formation is a bullish sign that can not be ignored. Hopefully BTC will be the bigger coin and let lumen rise.

Last, this is, in no shape or form, investment advice. This is just my take on STR's chart. Happy investing guys!
Komen: Lumens just announce and that the chinese exchange OkEx has listed XLM for trading. I believe, if my time zone calculation is correct, that the trading of XLM will be live tonight! Keep an eye out for movement guys!

There is a clear rising wedge for STR! We are entering the last part of the wedge so expect a movement soon. XLM has exploded within the last few days and there are still bullish signs that indicates that the end of the wedge will bring us to a new ATH. Our first objective is to tackle the previous resistance at roughly 2.8k. The target price that I am eyeing is roughly 4000sats. This is based on previous resistance that STR has shown in the past, particularly during MAY2017.

Happy investing guys and wishing ya'll a happy new years!
Komen: Breakout confirmed! Unfortunately I wont have time to anazlyze what I think will happen as it trends upward + retraces because of NYE but I will try to update you guys ASAP tomorrow! :) Until then, enjoy the holidays.

STR has hit the resistance line I had at around 3.9k. It has retraced to the .786 fib number since but I believe that it might even go to roughly 0.618 fib before finishing the ABC correction from this bull run. My next TP that I am eyeing is the previous ATH during MAY2017. With the MMM announcement just around the corner.... anything can happen. Holidays are over and with them the crypto talks between family members. Coinbase is and will continued to be flooded with new investors (which would take about 7-10days given the increased traffic from the holiday's deposits). Perhaps lumen will break away before the new money starts to flow in, but I do expect some sideway movement before the next leg up.
Komen: Seems like we did hit the lower ends of the C correction wave with BTC's bull run to 15k. That should be the put us in for the next leg up towards 5k sats, unless BTC decides to continue onward with its bull run!
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