Bonds have finally left the triangle

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Finally what I've been talking about for the last 6 months begins to come true.
People in the investment community started to talk about "crashing bonds". They have no idea how low the bonds are going to crash. A giant spike in DXY is just around the corner. SPX sell-off is closing in too.
nice setup!
even when this one goes down significantly eurusd is still going up, you must admit that there is a problem !
Tarder lapin_eliott
@lapin_eliott, It doesn't have to happen all at the same time, though I thought there could be an event that would trigger all of them. It looks like EUR/USD might be working on a wave 4 which could last a while yet, with wave 5 up to complete this five wave structure over the past year. See the chart I put up recently. It would be nice for the up move to end around the 61.8% retracement.
@Tarder, yes but with such an unexpected inverse correlation between bond and usd it is extremely worrying we do not understand at all what is going on. the crash in bonds is now confirmed but still not the slightest impact on usd :S
Tarder lapin_eliott
@lapin_eliott, I appreciate what you're saying, and of course it's always possible we won't see a major rise in the USD. But, I think it's possible that we are slightly out of sync on patterns, if we go by Elliott Wave. Look at GBP/USD, the up move over the past year is full of overlaps, meaning under traditional EW the move is not impulsive and we must return to the bottom, around 1.20, which is quite a way down. Andy's charts interested me because I felt like I was seeing the same things. I just don't think we have completed the up move in GBP/USD and also EUR/USD yet. Like always, it's about timing and letting the patterns play out. If we are working on a flat correction 4 on EUR/USD then it will take another week or two to complete before the final wave higher can start. It could just be a zigzag and we're now in the 5th higher. I would prefer it to get a move on and be a zigzag, but a flat would provide alternation and a clear pattern.
So what happened here? Did NAFTA cause this to go the other way? Good luck sir. Thanks for your info.
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