TRON, a dissapointment :(

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What' up guys, the goat here again to keep you updated!

It hurts me to say, but TRON should be put on the meat rack. I mean because the creator sold all of his holdings a few months ago, this coin won't be on a good track. I really don't like the idea of what I just said but it's the truth. These "possible breakout" posts aren't lies, it could have a really short boost but then I think that's it. When the founder dumps his holdings it is not a + sign. Terrible whitepaper coin :(
I mean you could see on the chart, with me putting the first support level in green, how it might not even be achieved. Tell me if I am wrong because you can tell I don't f around.
TRON's price movement for the past week is at a negative 22%. The chart shows only a very high starting point since the owner dumped, which to sum it up means that TRON will be seeing a pretty big downside for a while, and this is a DAY chart. Crazy. Lamborghini month (December) we could see it switch up? Never know.

This is to keep you guys updated and not let your holdings take a major L :)


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1. if you follow news, you can find out that creator doesn't sold all his coin, and it was someone else
2. you refer to article translation witch done by some community member, and it's not good, but original one and other translations are better

so, stop dumping,
you want to but low, it's ok, but here where are at the bottom
MarioSefa gmareater
@gmareater, Lol still, the creator completely messed up on where the coin is heading..
You're totally correct. I believe the whitepaper scam/copy of that another coin's wp really says it all. Quite a disappointment. I don't think the founder was mature enough to shoulder the project.
+1 Balas
@skyb, I can 100% agree, though it's had some spikes in increase, they have been gaining SOME profit, but it's really not a good coin to invest in.
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