LONG TRXBTC: Major Uptrend--Fibonacci Retracement Prediction

Per the ABCD points that are nicely in parallel with one another, I can see a huge jump to around .00002300, which would also fall in line with the 1.382-1.5 fibonacci level. Friday Morning sell of is healthy and typical thus far. We are in a significant buy zone, so if you haven't gotten into TRXBTC -7.82% , I suggest getting in now.

2018 is going to be a stellar 5.28% year.
Komen: My original post was hidden for including the binance link. So here it is, posted again.
I love Tron! I'm a huge bull. I can't figure out how to trade it, but I'm a huge bull just the same!
zanhailey hope.bleecker
@hope.bleecker, hahaha, let's talk about it some time! All the alts have been having a rough time lately. I'm eager to see where everything lands in Q4.

Considering I was in at around 430 or so, I will hodl a bit more as well. And since my own trials with trying to get a TA showed support around 1150, I am glad I didn't panic sell it.

If it goes up, it might hit somewhere between 2200 and 2400 satoshis. And let's just hope that it goes up due to FOMO of the masses because if it goes down, there is no way it stops before 600...
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