Disclaimer: Anything that I say is my own opinion. I have been doing my own personal research and believe that TRX is an excellent investment. After following it for a few weeks I made a small investment. Any money that you invest is your responsibility. Do some research and learn about the currency yourself before putting your hard earned money into it. This is not a "pump and dump", it is just a friendly investor sharing his insights.

I have recently come across TRX on Binance and started to do my own research. I believe that this penny stock has a lot of potential to make you good money. THIS IS A LONG TERM (AT LEAST A WEEK)

In the past TRX reached crazy highs and came crashing down. If you look at the previous few weeks TRON has been all around the spectrum. It finally hit almost rock bottom today (Down 15+ percent) so I thought it might be a good time too join in.

So lets get started!

***I personally use Ethereum to do my transactions/transfers to altcoins. If you use BTC then your graph may look slightly different. Keep that in mind when purchasing.

Firstly, as marked in my graph, I put an orange line at the bottom to be the support. TRON has been hanging out around this line for the past few days and essentially has been falling back on it. It has dropped tremendously and really looks like it might hug the support and eventually jump up.

The solid purple line is the next resistance line that TRON must break through. After breaking through this line we will start seeing some tremendous gains.

I put a blue box where I feel you can get the largest profits from this trade.

***Now of course before doing any major investments, we must make sure we have a stop-limit. I always believe that a stop limit should be around 5% give or take. Some people like to do stop orders around 7% so whatever you believe I think you should do. ***

The first milestone is the blue dotted line. (0.00005828) (Realistic) (Sell 10%)

After looking at the past few days, TRON has spiked and came crashing down. I feel we can see it hit this mark very soon with a sudden jolt. This does not mean that it will stay, but I feel we have a bullish chart with TRON.

The second milestone is marked at the green dotted line (0.00006439) (Realistic) (Sell 10%)

On some of TRON's surges it easily surpassed the green dotted line. Make sure when it does hit this line you take some profits just in case it does come back down.

The third milestone is marked at the orange dotted line (0.00007161) (Realistic) (Sell 40%)

Looking at the chart the orange dotted line seems to be the breaking point for TRON. It usually hits this and comes crumbling down. Keep that in mind when trading this coin.

The fourth milestone is marked with the red dotted line. (0.00007859) (At least a few weeks) (SELL REST)

This is the final push for TRON. As an investor I would personally take all of my profits out of it just because its such a volatile coin

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! Any questions or insights are greatly appreciated. And as always, happy trading!

-von braun
Dagangan aktif: Still time to jump in before the surge!
Komen: Tron around our 2nd milestone! Sell some off and take some profits!
Dagangan aktif: If you bought it when I told you you're seeing some great profits! Remember, take some profits out. I personally sold 50% of my shares at the peak to ensure that I took some profit out. Happy trading!
Dagangan aktif: Another great day! Keep an eye out and take some profits. Treat yourself!
Dagangan aktif: Be careful! This huge surge may have some drawbacks. Will be a good time to buy back around 0.00014500! Happy trading!
Thanks for this analysis! When do you think would be a good entry point on this coin? Looks really overbought now.
tonydrummond1982 tonydrummond1982
@von-braun Thanks for latest update. Gonna be following it closely.
Good job!
Thanks for this analysis! If you sold 50% already, when are you selling rest?
von-braun nesquil
@nesquil, I’ve been selling them off in bunches. Last large portion was today at around 12000
von-braun von-braun
@von-braun, *13k
Awesome analysis dude !
very nice, (Follows)
Thank you so much and happy new year!
von-braun andrewgauker
@andrewgauker, Happy new year!
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