TSLA: I'm long until it tops...

I have a small pilot long in $TSLA that I entered here, but my main interest is flipping short once this signal tops. I think there's a distinct chance that $TSLA breaks into new highs, triggering massuve euphoria, fertile ground for a spectacular short trade. Right now, the daily and weekly trends are up, as well as the quarterly, but, once the daily and weekly top, around 402-408, I think we might see a severe correction, and heck, maybe even a long term buy opportunity, once we cover the shorts at the bottom. Ideally, the correction might be sharp and very deep, leading to a retest of the quarterly mode support.

Best of luck,

Ivan Labrie.
Long from $362, will exit and flip short at $402-408
Komen: Following the slower path.
are you staying the course here with your long position ... still waiting to flip short?
@Rdankner, I'm torn right now, on one hand we could have hit the top ahead of time, but on the other there's still time left to rally higher. I'll wait a week more.
Rdankner IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, thank you
Re you still bullish after today's drop?
@danbar, it dropped on a ratings change. These usually last a day or two. The weekly and daily trends are up overall, for now.
Might look a bit odd this chart but same target.
This chart reminds me ETHUSD. I'm also willing to go short. Waiting for the catalyst.
Ivan, this might be pump fake with the overall market rise... frankfurt Auto show starts in two days... we will see many competing companies with great offerings.
there are so many better companies to invest in... but good luck... I will remain short

@mazdaki, hi!

Haven't you been shorting for a while now?

I tried shorting recently, but timing is key for this. Made some minimal profit. I was long from 183 to 365 before. :)

Trade with the trend, always a good idea. Best of luck!
mazdaki IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, yes Ivan.. the madness will stop at some point... just to pay the interest on the 1.8 billion bond they need to sell 33000 cars at the margins that they claim.... they have debt of 8 billion and counting... selling tulips and feeding the public koolaid... Ivan I understand your trade but I think this is a pump fake on a wedge on a good trading day... good luck!
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