Sideways market... Sideways trend.

Komen: Held through the bull put spread, like a boss.
Here is the 'exit plan' for that spread.

For now

I lost on this spread. THE STREAK is over. 32 winners in a row, snapped. I'll make a video later today on the thought process on this one.. :)
Thanks for helping us Enrich Lives!
Best journey during ALL corrections is to do OTM Put Sells in lots of stocks. I have even tried out 1 Put Sell at each strike price, and then going out 1 more month, and dropping to the next lower price, and doing 4 of them for Netflix for example, and Google, and Tesla and Amazon. It is a new strategy and it seems to be working. The point is that if I have to buy back at a loss, I will have the others where I have collected time premium paying for deep sell off. I am talking about really OTM on these high priced stocks, and have enough margin in the account to do this brave (or stupid) strategy (only time will tell).

Your thoughts......
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