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thinking something like this. been out and watching 351. no rush. also watching amd , both moving similar recent while.

i would try to play the break of the horizontals. some other things on chart i anticipate but that shouldnt be traded on.
Komen: rebought 331 from my 351 twitter sell, stop alarm hit 326 but i was out so didnt sell. Looks like they brought it down calling some longs, then pushed it up. curious if that large buy 2hr before close was a short margin call. anyway, ill see what tomorrow looks like. maybe 334$ test and run to 350.
descending vol still on higher time frame. i expect more short squeeze up with targets for immediate bounce marked as fib zones. will recheck again tomorrow.
Komen: leaving it run
Komen: from yesterday
this bull flag broke up. i have a feelign with the news that this will pump into the early july week, and then dump on news of whatever it is (probably going to be positive, and get a pull back). not sure but just a guess
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: close enough, markets being closed for canada day then memorial day screwed me over, but all good.
Komen: updated from previous in the comment, had a browser issue. anyway, #tadoesntwork
Komen: asc triangle may have formed, and perhaps a move to fill gap at 33x. or 34x before more consolidation. well maybe, use stops and your own trade idea, dont have the chart here to paste now.
Komen: we filled that gap today from before between 33x and 34x as mentioned
i needed cash so had to liquidate some tesla today, love the stock.
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