Hello Traders!

USDSGD is setting up for a buy as well. it seems price is getting into a tight correction and if it goes up and breaks the squeeze bullish , it may cause a big bullish trend allowing a very big R/R trade. Look to buy the bottom.

Good Luck Traders!
Dagangan aktif: This correction is beautiful!!
This sh** looks like it's about to go to the MOON!!!!
looking at a similar setup too...looks like a big buy to me ;)
@SN_Doumet, I think I saw your chart the other day, looks familiar!
I really hope the weekly chart holds cause I'll hold this thing to the moon!!
and hey I'll be the first to brag if I manage to catch 380 pips with an 8 pip SL and a 45/1 R/R lol
Hopefully it plays, I'll conservatively be taking profits as the trade hits different fib levels
Thanks for the sharing and the comment! Good Luck on the trade!
@DAVID_GIRALDO, Hahaha that would be a crazy achievement and definitely sth to brag about :D. Good luck to you too brother, hopefully it will turn out nicely and give us an early New Year's present ;)
@SN_Doumet, Amen to that!!
Price action looks beautiful on the 30min and lower TF. I have confidence It'll turn tonight, but in all reality, in these markets you just never know what'll happen next. My best trading strategy?? Place a trade and go to sleep, that way whatever happens, I either wake up heavy in profit or with a small loss
I will implement this stratregy tonight hahaa
@DAVID_GIRALDO, Yeahh it does but I don't really trust minute charts >.< . Sneaky little rats they are ;) . Nice strategy and yeah at the end of the day it all comes down to staying confident in your analysis and not acting impulsively from having your eyes glued onto the screen monitoring every second and movement
@SN_Doumet, Exactly!
Hey you dont like minute charts cause you havent been trading long enough to learn to use em. Idk if its true, but your profile says youve been trading 8 months. I never knew how to use anything less than the 15min. until recently.
Youll eventually learn to trust yourself in analzing lower TF. your good at charting, not too many people are. If you are that good, you can be better and should not fear minute charts. youll eventually learn to read em, its the same pattern recognition
@DAVID_GIRALDO, It is true yes, only started analyzing charts 8 months ago. Yeah you are right, I guess I should start looking at them some more, because like you said at the end of the day it's all the same patters just in different timeframes.
SN_Doumet SN_Doumet
@DAVID_GIRALDO also thank you for your kind words about charting, appreciate it and likewise I pay my respects to you
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