VTCUSD Buy as much as you can at bottom

POLONIEX:VTCUSD   Vertcoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
HI there, Watch bottom for buy. Spent 2k And turn it into 60k.

Probabilities. 99 percent why is that because it can not go beyond the 0.

Risk to loss money 0 percent.

Time span. Bullish wave should appear with in the next 6 to 8 months. It can appear even before that.

Good Luck.
Komen: Buy in bulks.
This may become a reality. Vertcoin is currently worth around $1... Any update on this chart or this is still valid?
Where did you find VTC / USD paid ? there is no such in Poloniex
$0.40, you say? I don't believe it... i mean, i guess maybe if bitcoin goes back down to $600-$900, i could see that happening
Did you man "VERICOIN" as opposed to "VERTCOIN"? Vericoin is currently around $0.60, but Vertcoin is around $3.60 at this time. As always, your analysis that you share is greatly appreciated, thank you.
Can you elaborate why you think we are going to see a cup and potential cup and handle. And why the price would go down to .40$
Interesting prediction...will keep eyes on it.
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