Ok gonna give this doom thing one more try.

FX:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S
334 6 8
Gold             bull for 2018 because why not and the pretty pictures I drew on price look like that. Merry christmas! and here's to SPX             doom!
maybe. We'll see but I this chart is priced in USD. Can't see much bull for DXY this jan. It's in freefall!
I think negative chatter around the bitcoin correction is gonna be contagious as well as over bought stocks, typical bearish jan and techs on gold and SPX both helping my case. I think gold is a good buy for at least the start of this year.
maybe a scary pullback to $1200 level 1st? then $1400? Seems to easy from here... got to be a shakeout coming.
faronf faronf
'too' ... haha, maybe i feel this way because of FOMO and somehow trying to justify my lack of a position?
faronf faronf
last comment... If July hosted a 'YCL' for gold (which is very early for a yearly cycle), then full bull ahead... I expected this last pullback to print lower and invoke more fear of $900 an oz... a $100 pullback would flush out many weak hands... timeline for my entry is January 19th.
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