How to use the Risk to Reward/PnL tool


As promised, here's the video tutorial showing in silence/muted how to use the new indicator published today
I'll try from next week to buy a microphone and you'll all hear how nice is my french accent.... I can imagine the complains I'll receive saying no one understood anything. Will be fun for sure

Anyway, please let me know in the comments section if anything is not clear. You have the source code for FREE so I'll hope you'll learn from it and invent something cool, sharing with the community and pay me royalties.
Don't forget the French arm who fed you in your young trading years my apprentices.

Remember my Trade Manager (Open Source) version ? Trade-Manager-Open-Source-Version/?
You for sure can connect the Take Profits and Stop Loss to a Risk/Reward and PnL panels. This will update in real-time your PnL based on the data on the chart this time
I did it myself this afternoon with my version of the Trade Manager

See y'all tomorrow for a new indicator/new day

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