BTCUSD 3d: Bitcoin Forecast 2018. Down, then 9000 USD possible.

Fundamentally, there will be a retracement. That's clear.
The only question is on which Fibo retracement Bitcoin will fall.

Here the possible retracement areas:

23,6 % > ~ 4900 USD
38,2 % > ~ 4000 USD
50,0 % > ~ 3500 USD
61,8 % > ~ 3000 USD
78,6 % > ~ 2000 USD

A following extension to Fibo 1.62 should be possible. We are fundamentally at Bitcoin in a growth market. Even for 2018, it is not expected that Bitcoin will die. ;-) On the contrary, we are still at the very beginning. In principle, it would be a good thing if we could see a down by the end of the year and not run into a bubble. This would mean that the market could be more solid and therefore easier to plan. In this context, an Fibo Extension 1.62 and a Target of 9000 USD could be realistic in 2018.

Target after retracement: 9000 USD.

That doesn't mean that a bitcoin price of 7000 USD and more could be possible until the end of the year. If we see an X-Mas Rally, the bubble could still come. But it doesn't look that way right now. This chart is based on the assumption that we have already reached the top. Should this change, it must be adapted accordingly. I will keep you informed.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)

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Chart September 16

Komen: BTCUSD 1d update: an interesting situation could arise today. two trend channels are currently showing up. One up, one down. the bitcoin breaks the 5850 would be another up possible.

Komen: BTCUSD 1d update: As soon as we have reached the final peak, I will adjust this chart. However, there is no fundamental change in the Fibo Retracements.

Keep following this post...

Komen: BTCUSD 3d update: i promised, i would adjust the possible fibo retracements, if the price moves up. here the current status with a top around 7100.

23,6 % 5600 USD
38,2 % 4700 USD
50,0 % 4000 USD
61.8 % 3300 USD
78.6 % 2300 USD

if the top is established, I'll make a new long term chart. this chart before.



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Thx for following A N D thx for helping.

It seems that it will in the 9000 nonstop...
@Ralebr, yes. look at my last comment in the chart below ... my current target 8850.

+1 Balas
Ralebr btcinvests
@btcinvests, thank you!! But as it is said in my city, I think that "I burned the tongue..." - :/
So, you don't think it will go for over 8000 in the next week?
@sifeij, could be. current i am still unsure. the new analysis is in progress.
+1 Balas
We may go to 8-9k in the next few days
@ali7861, if we see a mega bubble, yes.
ali7861 btcinvests, 8-9k is not a mega bubble at all - 15-20k is
@ali7861, maybe. I'm still working on an analysis. and you might be right. the next stop would then be 8800.
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