XEL Breakout (1000% Potential) - Risky

BITTREX:XELBTC   Elastic / Bitcoin
XEL             is another coin that just broke out.

Thanks for the tips on the chat for me to look at these coins.

Initial breakout confirmed when closed above 2000 satoshis.

Next major resistance is 2750 satoshis, closing above that, will have us looking for new highs.
Massive amounts of room for growth on all indicators for this coin.

Buy in: below 2750 satoshis

Stop loss: 1690 satoshis (0.00001690)

(1) 0.00009150
(2) 0.000142
(3) 0.000213
(4) NEW ATH             - will be posted in an update.

This is another risky trade.
Please trade at your own risk.

I will add more information in the updates below.

Thanks again for being you.
Thanks again for your support.
Komen: 90%+ Profit since posting this trade. I will see if you all will refuse to tip me this time around... Joking but serious :P
Komen: Sorry folks, 50%+ not really 90%, I made a mistake when reading the charts. But still a huge increase in price in no time. We will be looking at more.
Komen: Target 0.5 (before the first) @ 3230 satoshis reached.
Komen: The bigger picture:

- Support held for 4 days before breakout.
- EMA50 is above actual price, very bullish.
- MACD allows for massive upward growth.
- RSI (not on image) showing massive bullish signal.
- Stoch (not on image) as well.

* This is a daily chart. We get 1 candle per day.
* If the candle closes above 4000, according to this chart, we will have massive bullish momentum.
* We started at the bottom now we are going up.
* Allow time for this trade to develop. Each candle is 1 day. 1 day = 24 hours.

Perdagangan aktif: Stop loss: 1690 satoshis (0.00001690)
If the price didn't hit the number above, TRADE STILL ACTIVE.
Komen: 13th Dec. Mid day.
Perdagangan aktif: This trade is holding strong.

Komen: Additional lower targets:

(-1) 4090
(-0) 7070
(1) 0.00009150
(2) 0.000142
(3) 0.000213
Perdagangan aktif: WE ARE WITHIN BUY IN RANGE. You can join this trade NOW.

Update: XELBTC

We are trying to break a descending triangle. We need to break it and close above it to change the trend.

RSI, MACD & STOCH indicators are all reversing. Almost crossing over, this is sign of bullish momentum building up.

We also have a TD count of 1 on the last candle, which opens up the door to 9 more green candles. Let's see how it goes.

A breakout will be huge profits if we can manage to stay above resistance.

Komen: I am updating the same chart as before. Building up slowly... I personally want this trade to go super well & strong...

Komen: If we breakout in the next several hours, my prediction from 11th Dec. will be fulfilled. (I don't do predictions).

Perdagangan aktif: Opportunity buy in time.
You have the opportunity to buy into this trade now.
This is one of our most promising trades, medium-long, to take off.

Feel free to buy and reload as much was you want or can.

I will be posting charts updates when relevant.
Komen: Channel:
Perdagangan aktif: Keep the same stop loss but activate it.
Komen: XEL is giving out bullish signs:


Plus positive divergence (1D chart):

Komen: We are getting some action here. Keeping you updated.
Komen: XEL UPDATE: We are moving on all fronts, all coins are pumping... I hope you are all making money and good decisions. Keeping calm and relax.

As soo as we have above 20-30%, you can start securing small portions of your stack, by selling for profits. But these coins, UBQ and XEL, have have huge potential, so look out for the targets...

Here is the chart:

Perdagangan aktif: XEL is preparing to move. And it looks like it is going to be big.

Look at the 4h charts, the indicators are all ready and a new strong green candle is forming:

The daily chart also looks awesome. Let's hope this trend continues tomorrow.
Komen: Additional lower targets:

(-2) 3230 (*** TARGET COMPLETED ***)
(-1) 4090 ( NEXT TARGET )
(-0) 7070
(1) 0.00009150
(2) 0.000142
(3) 0.000213
Komen: XELBTC update: XEL slowed down, and it is down a minor correction. But the daily chart shows the new trend intact, and just starting out...

See the #1 candle and the indicators on the bottom:

Komen: It is moving again!!
Perdagangan aktif: XEL is a good buy now in anticipation for tomorrow.

Here are two different chats showing the great potential:


Perdagangan aktif: This trade remains active unless we hit our stop loss.

- You can choose to buy more when the price drop.
- You can choose to just hold, wait and relax.
- You can also choose to sell and join at a later date. But this is not recommended.
Perdagangan aktif: All targets:

(-2) 3230 (*** TARGET COMPLETED ***)
(-1) 4090 (*** TARGET COMPLETED *** @ 21st Dec. )
(-0) 7070 ( next target )
(1) 0.00009150
(2) 0.000142
(3) 0.000213

I didn't update our last target.
We are moving along nicely.
Aiming for our next target (-0).
Perdagangan aktif: We are now above our channel. This resistance line, if the daily chart closes above it, will become support. We can have a new uptrend... and profits will come.


Perdagangan aktif: XEL All targets:

(-2) 0.0000 3230 (*** TARGET COMPLETED ***)
(-1) 0.00004090 (*** TARGET COMPLETED *** @ 21st Dec. )
(-0) 0.00007070 *** Target Reached on 9-Jan-18 ***
(1) 0.00009150 *** Next Target ***
(2) 0.000142
(3) 0.000213
Komen: The action is just starting...

Komen: We are going higher and getting stronger. This is good. I love this trade, a great example of why patience always win.

We are over 300% price increase, 200% profits and we haven't reached our first target. Think about that for a minute.

Ask yourself this question: Is it better to jump from coin to coin to earn 10-20%, hoping to hit the next big jack pot. Or is it better to join with a Master, wait and win the jackpot for sure 100% of the the time?

I won't answer for your. But to me I rather hit the jackpot, ALL OF THE TIME.

Namaste. - Private &VIP - Cryptocurrency trading learning platform, for advanced and beginners alike.

- Support on Telegram @alanmastersupport


Mantra: Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem
this is good opportunity to buy in since the price went down with correction recently.
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to publish these charts and recommendations: They have helped me tremendously.
I only have 5 coins with positive percentages today and they are all coins you recommended and that has predominately been the pattern for the past several days!
+1 Balas
Days like today can be rather trying -- only a very few alts going up with any strength at all...most are down 5-15%. This is when FEAR and EMOTION can tighten its grip and drive you to PANIC. DON'T DO IT!! Funny that it appears a lot of this is being driven by a dive in BTC overnight that has been completely offset as of right now. Hopefully, this will drive sense back into the alts!
x3 profit, and they're still think you pump the coin for your self :')
+3 Balas
Still good buy at current price?
@MStarkey, Looks like it is going up... Oh wait, your message was 5 days ago. Looks like holding is still the best choice.
+5 Balas
ericc85 PRO alanmasters
@alanmasters, seriously, people calling you out as a pumper have ZERO patience to see a trade materialize. Keep doing what you do man and know that there are plenty of us out here who appreciate your calls.
+4 Balas
Hi Alan, is it possible to have an update please? Thx
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