XLM about to finish wave 5 before ABC correction ?

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
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Yo guys ! Hope you´re enjoying the ride with me from lows of 3xx / 4xx and nice shaves. I think XLM will keep rolling ! before the ABC correction ;)

Check out previous posted analysis

Feel free to ask ;)

Some FA here: ( Brian, November 2, 2017 )
Trade on your own risk ! Im not proffesional trade.

Some DOGEs or XLM (lumens) are highly welcome :P since we made allready 300-500% on XLM ( Thanks :P )
DOGE: DJXV4c1ZFo6Ryr8c64npKVBqCQfK8mNvt3

BTW as we discussed Im going to launch Telegram group ;) Hit follow and dont miss the invitation link in one of my upcoming TAs ;)
Wish you nice day and sucesfull trades guys. Cheers

Long term targets for XLM 5-7,5K sat Q1 2018 ;)

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dude i think the movement is going up right now.. hope you update ..
dude.. is it still safe??
anoinvest gebnus93
@gebnus93, its hard to predict alts market once BTC starts rolling .. and right now .. the real BTC fomo started .. every single TA is useless now
gebnus93 anoinvest
@anoinvest, yup thats so..uugghhgh :D .. thanks for sharing the charts and good luck for you.. :)
anoinvest gebnus93
@gebnus93, Thanks .. same to you buddy .. Im going to shut down my computer and ass threw the storm .. This BTC run is not healthy .. mempool is unstable and not ready for mainstream yet .. Unconfirmed transactions went from 95K to 185K in in less than 12 hours .. Soon it will be superexpensive to send BTC and it will take like xx hours to send it .. Im starting to love IOTA more and more. This mempool will took Tangle only 2s do clear 180K transactions and it will be free. Im starting to hate BTC .. core developers holding 1mb block tight .. its like new miningmafia. they know that they will be feeded very well on transaction payments .. BTC is not annonymouse/instant and "free" payment system anymore :(
gebnus93 anoinvest
@anoinvest, thats right btc is too "mainstream" rigth now.. may god save us all..
is anyone else watching this right now? is lumen correcting, or keep holding out til 4am ?

anoinvest Dwizz420
@Dwizz420, Well its weird situation .. almost all alts are sacrificed for BTC pump .. and its causing crazy mempool stuck .. in last 10 hours unconfirmed transactions went from 100K to actual 142,5K ( ) Last time when BTC went on 180K during so called BTC/BCH flippening it took 11 days to clear 180K unconfirmed transactions and the payments we´re high like hell .. this is pure madness .... Its hard to trade in this situation ..
Thanks for the analysis, I think XLM has great potential as a project. My projection for Q1 2018 was more in the 5.5k range so I'm hoping yours comes to fruition!
Great updates!
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