BITTREX:XLMETH   Lumen / Ethereum
Disclaimer: Anything that I say is my own opinion. I have been doing my own personal research and believe that Lumen ( XLM ) is an excellent investment. After following it for a few weeks I made a small investment. Any money that you invest is your responsibility. Do some research and learn about the currency yourself before putting your hard earned money into it. This is not a "pump and dump", it is a just friendly investor sharing his insights.

Like I said earlier, I believe that XLM is a great investment. It is relatively cheap (i.e 21 cents right now) and is showing HUGE potential.
I am planning on holding this investment for only a week, seeing the potential for weekly to be around 35-45%.

So lets get started!

***I personally use Ethereum to do my transactions/transfers to altcoins. If you use BTC then your graph may look slightly different. Keep that in mind when purchasing.

Firstly, as marked in my graph, I put a yellow line at the bottom.

This is where, I believe, is the support. For the past few days XLM has been falling back on this support line. I believe buying anything near this line would be a great start.

Therefore, I would buy in where I placed the blue rectangle. This range is between 0.00031008-0.00028623

Now of course before doing any major investments, we must make sure we have a stop-limit. I always believe that a stop limit should be around 5% give or take. Some people like to do stop orders around 7% so whatever you believe I think you should do.

The first milestone is the blue dotted line. (0.00032789) (Realistic)

This is where I will take my first cut out of XLM . It is important, as an investor, to be able to take some profit out to make the investment worth while. I like to only take around 10% of the total investment out at the first milestone .

The second milestone is marked at the green dotted line (0.00035174) (Realistic)

This is where I will take another 10% out, still keeping the majority of my shares but treating myself to some profits just in case it tanks.

The third milestone is marked at the orange dotted line (0.00036744) (Realistic)

Here is where I'll sell 40% of my shares, still leaving me with my other 40% for the last push.

The fourth milestone is marked with the red dotted line. (0.00039702) (Not as probable in a week)

This is the last and final push. I believe that when we hit the third milestone we will essentially be fluctuating around that until another final push. This milestone might take around 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoy. Make sure, once again, you do your own charting and research and let me know if you find anything that I missed. Happy trading!

-von braun

Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Overslept but what a day! XLM is up 20+ percent! it is currently on a slight down trend but if you were lucky enough to sell at the forth milestone congrats! *** GREAT BUY BACK TIME**** currently XLM is at 0.00035700 so this is an excellent time to buy back. This point, in my opinion, is a new support for XLM. Anyway, happy trading!

-von braun
Dagangan aktif: Disregard the last idea ^ TRADE IS STILL ACTIVE!!
Dagangan aktif: XLM HITS 3rd milestone! It is up to you, the investor, to either take some profits. I'll be selling around 25% of my shares to ensure that I have some profit. I believe there may be a slight correction and the 2nd dotted line will become the new support line if you are still interested in buying. Happy trading!
Dagangan aktif: WOW JUST WOW. XLM UP 40+ PERCENT!!!!!! Ride the wave baby :)
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Sold all of my XLM at a 40% gain (0.00044000). Ending my trade with so extra cash! Happy trading!
Worked like a charm! :)
von-braun shoogazer
@shoogazer, I'm glad up 20+% today!
Question: Where would you place your new buy in orders with XLM/ETH?
von-braun UmerDurrani
@UmerDurrani, A buy back opportunity would be XLM's new support line which I believe will be around 0.00034000!
UmerDurrani von-braun
@von-braun, even after the current run up, you would like to keep the 0.00034 buy in level?
von-braun UmerDurrani
@UmerDurrani, I would most certainly not buy now I would wait for a slight correction if anything to buy more.
Hello von braun
I really appreciate you taking out time and sharing such a great insight into the technical analysis of XLM. It came true and I am trusting you for the remaining 3rd and 4th levels to be met as well. Please keep sharing your info. You were quite detailed and explained everything neatly, which is fantastic to read. I also believe that XLM is a great coin and it WILL follow the footsteps of XRP or maybe beat it as well. Good investment.
von-braun UmerDurrani
@UmerDurrani, Great to hear! I only post coins that I have done weeks of research in. Some people on this website like to support coins that have no real structure. Just because some people have a lot of followers does not constitute them to give advise about a coin.
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