Monero prediction: $500 by December

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A key to understanding my bullish stance on Monero is the activity going on in the community paired with the fact that Monero has not been easy to get involved with as other currencies, poor user experience required slightly more technical setups than other currencies. Monero Hardware wallets will exist soon with groups like Ledger labs announcing they are working on Monero integrations. These will greatly improve the user experience of holding Monero long term and many sitting on the fence will find it easier to get involved. Purism, on the heels of its successful smartphone crowdfunding campaign which has raised more than $1.5 million, is looking to address the privacy threat by incorporating Monero by default into its mobile phone design.

“We must proactively plan for and address digital rights issues in the here and now, because by the time we face them in the future the damage will be irreversible,” said Todd Weaver, Founder & CEO of Purism. “Collaboration with Monero allows us to offer users a much lower barrier to entry for leveraging the benefits of a cryptocurrency, and our aim is to make it incredibly simple to use your Librem 5 smartphone to make secure, cash-like payments that safeguard your private information.”

“Collaborating with Purism addresses a major pain point for Monero. The Librem 5 makes it easy for the average user to use Monero for real world transactions on a mobile platform. In addition, the Librem 5, by using Free Libre Open Source Software provides the user with the opportunity to verify to a very high level its end point security, privacy and decentralization. This is in sharp contrast to many mobile platforms where the user has to trust a proprietary implementation. I am very excited to see the Librem 5 planning to have Monero support by default,” Francisco Cabañas, Core Team Member, The Monero Project.

“Creating a future where a person can buy or sell digital goods or services and still respect their privacy, similarly to cash but on the Internet, is a long-time dream that we plan to make a reality,”

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