Ripple seems it reached it´s top

POLONIEX:XRPBTC   Ripple / Bitcoin
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It seems to me the growth of Ripple is no longer sustainable.
After increasing over 3000% in the shortest amount of time every investor should be damn rich right now.
Who is willing to buy it to further tops?

Including the total amount of XRP which is (currently the market cap should be close to Bitcoin .

i don´t know how much the DDOS of Poloniex has broken this trend, but for now I sold all of my XRP and i am god damn lucky with almost 380% of profit.

Of course I could be wrong but I asked myself why Ripple should be worth that much? What makes it so valuable? And i could not answer this questions to myself.

For now i will only monitor this chart and see how it developes, but with all the recent shit going on with Polo anything can happen.

Stay safe
nice chart, i think you only missed wave 5 back then cause at the time you draw it it looked like only wave 3 was done (elliot). what you think about the price now? Will it have another run soon?
Nice chart.great work!.and i agree with you. The thing that bothers me about this coin is on their website it says that that ripple also holds another 60 billion..Who controls that? Kinda like a fiat currency the rug can be pulled out from under you with a centralized decision!
Pato99 textbook
@textbook, those coins are obviously owned by ripple and they could decide to drop off a part of it and if that happens, i don´t want to be a bagholder :P
Careful shorting the Ripple, this loves calling margins on large short positions.
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@AaronX, who is "this"? how many millions they got to gamble?
Pato99 AaronX
@AaronX, I´m not shorting ripple as there is no top signal. I just consider this as an alternative option, that´s why i´m sidelines
Ripple is looking to replace bank-to-bank transfers the value of this coin has yet to reach its peak
thetazeta chrisschlagal
@chrisschlagal, you don't need XRP to use the Ripple protocol (RTXP) for that though...
fineregex chrisschlagal
So what. Ripple *could* be even more things.
But is this goal new? No
Is it completely ready/achieved? No
Is it enough to justify the sudden growth?

The SWIFT states an anual revenue about 700 million euro and 3% of than in net profits.
( )
Ripple shall by much cheaper. Still ripple's net profit percentage could be higher.
What if Ripple, the company, would even earn netprofit of dozens of millions from banks per year, starting in relatively few month/years?
- by then the Ripple company evaluation, based on such revenue only, would be about $1 billion

The marketcap of ripple as of now is $22.2 billion
Few weeks ago it was far below $1 billion
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Pato99 fineregex
@fineregex, yeah right, it doesnt need to have such value, but considering the super bullish sentiment it could blow the roof once again.
Currently only waiting to see further action
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