Parallel pattern XRP/BTC

BITSTAMP:XRPBTC   Ripple / Bitcoin
1806 7 15
Just an idea that occured to me while watching XRP's chart. Let me know what you think.
Komen: Yeah, this is just scary how accurate this is.
That would make it $4.50 ish which isn't all that crazy considering Bitcoins rise and LTC's, IOTA, DASH. It's almost inevitable, XRP needs to project stability for it's future customers so i'd elongate the parabolic move. My thinking is a slower steady incline projects a predictable model that banks could run metrics against.$1-$2 could come rapidly though as I believe and many do that XRP has been kept in a tight trading channel for months in order to allow institutional actors a chance to test the system and buy in large amounts. No the leash is off a little, I'm not sure how much buy pressure they are up against but if we continue to onboard millions of new users XRP ends up being at the top of the must buy list within a few days of 'getting in to crypto." XRP also has two house hold name partnerships in play that the will announce before the years is over which is basically now lol.
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@wpgminer, Thanks for adding this! Great comment!
hmm, pattern looks ok, BUT, this would mean that ripple would have market capitalization of 100-150 billion $ (taking into account only coins which are currently in use so 35+ billion) and I believe that it is to early for something like this. So yes it will go up but max 1-2 dollars in next several months (also it will depend if it is going to be listed on coinbase or not etc...) :)
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elpico krasig
@krasig, i agree with you. in our exchanger was hit $1 already. it will be never happend in next 1-2 month.
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@krasig, True! Check @wpgminer 's comment above. I totally agree with him on this.
let's hope so ! whats ur target ?
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Kingston1234 rakha.dee
@rakha.dee, I would be lying if I said I knew. Just HODL. Target is moon! :)
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