XRPUSD did it.. XRPBTC might do the same ?

BITSTAMP:XRPBTC   Ripple / Bitcoin
XRP.X did it ... LTCBTC did it ... so why not XRPBTC and think about what that would mean for XRPUSD :-)
I am open for discussion on this.
Komen: on the road ...
Komen: ;-)
Komen: time is ticking...
So I'll say it..... @christiankat called it. I know i'm late to the game here, but when you see a Dec 13 call on a massive move that took place, you have to give credit where credit is due!
christiankat Crypto_Sid
@Crypto_Sid, thank you ;-)
Interesting. How many XRP and BTC were available in May? Today there are 38.739B XRP and 16.74M BTC, meaning that if XRP reached 0.00022382 BTC as you indicate on your chart, XRP would be valued at 50% of the market cap of BTC. Did XRP reach that level in May?
this scenario seems highly unlikely with current BTC prices. If BTC fell to the sub $5000 range, then maybe.
Excellent chart, thanks! If this happens, and BTC will probably do a push above 20k, then XRP could see pretty impressive figures, USD wise, 4-5 USD o_O that would be awesome. I hope you're right :)
This Will Never Happen Again
Robert-janGras CharlesCoinCing
@CharlesCoinCing, what bear signs... pleae elaborate because XRP chart still seems bullish to me
FlaviusTodorius67 Robert-janGras
@Robert-janGras, He's trolling :) Bad try though.
+1 Balas
I agree, this will happen over the next 2 months, we're at a 1 on the TD indicator in weekly charts after a 9 exhaustion. Time to go parabolic again like in June.
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