XRP preparing to drop hard!!

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
Building a head and shoulders formation. broke resent trendline to ATH . people realizing after all this twitter facebook ...posts, thatt XRP is overvalued AF!
Imagine the CEO selling 1 Billion XRP every Month at this prices would make him richer than Mark Zuckerberg...Amex and other banks are using ripple TECH. wich does not mean they are using their token (XRP) at the moment xrp may be a great tech, but the community doesnt like the idea of a centralized coin beating every other coin. So if people start selling because they realize that the marketcap is much to high, this could end in an avalanche ending at the beginning of the mountain...
Possible correction to 0.5-1.0$ in the worst/best case!
Komen: forgot to meantion the bearish divergence.
Komen: H&S target 2.70$
Great, what about now? Pyrgoth
Pyrgoth jezuke97
@jezuke97, wouldnt recommend any trades now. bitcoin is moving. waiting for a better setup
I'm glad to know that :3
+1 Balas
NoeSanx NoeSanx
(because I don't have any ripple, I rembember when I could buy 500 with 200usd, today i just can buy 30 with the same cash.
CAN DROP TO 1.5-2 USD like bitcoin ..NOT 0.5...AND yes the ripple dumps some million coins in market periodic times and it will lead to sharp price decline at that time then again panic sell must be carefull with this..ripple dont have constant flow..
+1 Balas
Stop spreading FUD. Dont sell guys, i did it before because of these experts here, just hold if you want to make cash long term.
Pyrgoth Seviii
@Seviii, so why should XRP have a market cap over 100 billion? Can you give me some facts?
Seviii Pyrgoth
@Pyrgoth, Why should Bitcoin have a cap over 250 billion? These kind of discussions are idiotic.
Pyrgoth Seviii
@Seviii, because every alt is traded in BTC, it is accepted in many stores...acceptance is increasing. of course it is too popular to stop, but you can actually use it for transferring money and of value....
hold xrp is kind of idiotic. We can talk in a month ;)
Seviii Pyrgoth
@Pyrgoth, XRP also has found acceptance, especially in asia/korea. BTC is too expensive to be maintained and it will lose the No 1 spot in the near future. A store of value, yes, but nothing you actually want to work with. In a month, xrp is 5$, just hit me up than and better buy some xrp now before it's too late;)
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