Ripple XRP not going to triple. Possible 15%+ ROI

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
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Looking at TRX .... I mean.. *Ahem* XRP, we're seeing the what I call pump and dump reminiscent disaster of a chart that is Ripple. Fortunately, BTC is seemingly coming to a miraculous recovery, which means that XRP will too see the same. While the last pump of only a week or two ago was very much driven by the CNBC Cornbase drama, I'm under the conclusion we're seeing a similar pattern. CM_Ultimate is going clear green for the first time since then, which give me a strong trend reversal indication. As with most of these disaster PnD coins, it will more than likely go highly parabolic. Educational only, possible 15-20% gains. If the market stops crapping the bed, you have to decide if it will return to $1.05 or dump back down into the slow agonizing decay of a chart XRP is.
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