Ripple - Making Waves in the Money Transfer Sector!

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As money starts to flow into crytpos from main-street and wall-street there was no doubt in my mind that investors would be looking for, well, solid investments in the space.

I am looking for the coins/software that will have value in the future. I also understand the risks of these markets having been through multiple bubbles. I want to be positioned in the coins that have the best chance for success. This is why I look for the following:
1) Working product
2) Professional Management Team
3) First to Market
4) Market Penetration
5) Professional Website
6) Aggressive Marketing!

Now Ripple is not your typical coin, and I know I will get the "it's centralized" in many comments. I DO NOT CARE! Ripple has real world uses and as an investor I am looking to invest,not a philosophical re-discovery of myself. Eventually as regulators and governments get involved the euphoric state of mind will be replaced with reality. Now I hear all the time, government cannot control bitcoin . They can't? 10 billion dollars is a drop in the bucket for government or the banking system. They could quietly buy up coins that threaten their status and shelve them crushing mining with a devaluation of the currency! This is probably already happening quite frankly and as supply dwindles demand rises and so do prices. I mean everyone has their price right?

The US banking system alone handles about $7 Trillion dollars a day in overseas money transfers. This equals to about $1000 per ripple. The transferring of international money is a huge business. Money flows in and out of every country in the international markets. The number of money transfers among international banks is close 500 trillion transactions a year. This is a huge market and one ripple is specifically targeting. If they get 1% of the market (5 trillion transactions a year) at $0.004 per transaction this is $20 billion in fees a year or about 5 cents a coin.

Now ripple has already partnered with numerous banks, American Express , Gates Foundation and several wire transfer companies to provide services. Now why would not banks do this themselves? They can and will, but ripple allows small banks to compete globally, and why build what you can use so cheap. Why many companies lease plans and do not own them. Who wants to deal with maintenance and upgrades?

Many focus to hard on coin count. It is all relative. Ripple is a company that is run by executives from Wall Street, not avatars. Not every transaction in the future will require being anonymous. Most will not. Large companies transfer billions a year overseas and ripple provides an economical way to achieve this, and Wall Street loves Wall Street and the board is full of former executives and is well rounded.

Bottom line Ripple is a good long term investment in my opinion. I have a short term target of 80 cents and a longer term target of $1.30. This is one quite frankly I am holding for the longer term. For disclosure I have also invested in Stellar Lumens as other than swift this will be their largest competitor.
Komen: Ok long term target hit, I am pulling some off the table. But that is me and my average cost is around 20 cents.

I cannot emphasize enough that there is never a bad time to take money off the table. JP Morgan "I made a fortune selling too early", and that is posted above my desk along with his portrait to remind me never to get greedy!

Money management is critical to making money.
can you update your thoughts?
All I seem able to do is lose money. :-(
@Hbasm, haha that's a funny comment, but I hope you get better luck and understanding of the market in the future for better gains
BTW .... if you watch XRP/USD & EUR as well as the USD/EUR chart .

The EUR trails the USD by 1-2 seconds and more at times ; )

Volume is good as well so unless someone tells me where I am wrong that works great for short trades
casstete casstete
@casstete, So you can get a seconds heads up on XRP/EUR from XRP/USD
You don't dump the most bought crypto that has bee making everyone wait for ages ... when it does a small move up like ripple .

Ripple will do what BTC did from 7000k upwards !

Probably blow the 1$ mark in next days and just placed itself to go straight up

End of Pennant on 1hr chart ( Bitstamp EUR ) ..... boom 1 $ next stop
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goldbug1 casstete
@casstete, Keep in mind everyone situation is different. I added to XRP not too long ago, and that addition has run over 400%. I have strict rules for trading and investing and regardless of how I feel an equity will do I stick to those rules. They have kept me from huge losses when I felt there is no direction but up.

Understand the thinking however. ;)
casstete goldbug1
@goldbug1, always correct in conventional markets , but crypto is in pre stage and it moves out of proportion , if you only bought in last week in Ripple you didn't loose much . 90% of Alts took a big dipp when BTC went on the run

THAT was the time when all hit lows from previous low , Anything you bought went up min 3 fold . So if you bought alts in June or what 2 weeks ago .... you in the same boat they only giving now BTC is relaxed momentarily

Great work as usual !
Nothing wrong with selling early, GB. Profit Is profit mate.
Just trying to comprehend your trading plan / strategy?
No disrespect intend.
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goldbug1 Crypto.888
@Crypto.888, Yes and I will post it as I explained it early on but have added quite a few followers since then.
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