Capitulation is a word we rarely hear nowadays -- Ripple (xrp)

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
The chart on XRP looks very weak and has reached a critical level that if it does not hold then we may see a very quick CAPITULATION move to clear the decks. We should find out
very soon!
i have lost everything :(
btcer RickyParker
@RickyParker, Very sorry to hear that! Were you on margin?
@btcer, no i just buy for my pocket money. buy at 2.97 sell at 2 . very sad.
btcer RickyParker
@RickyParker, Well, good that you were not on margin. If you are going to trade then you need to accept that you will lose and learn from it so that you also see winning trades. 30% is a big loss for anyone and any market but crypto currencies are extremely volatile so if you are just learning to trade then start small and learn from what went wrong.
@btcer, i need to learn from you. i'm sure that i am very stupid..
+1 Balas
btcer RickyParker
@RickyParker, LOL, the markets tend to make us all feel like that every now and then. Next time you'll make a trade and win and then think you are the smartest guy ever so it's part of the ups and downs of trading. That is why i've started posting just to help people see things a little differently and simplify trading a bit. I also have a twitter feed so you can check the feed as well. Clickable twitter link is above on my profile.
@btcer, thanks for your kind word i will follow your feeds.
btc do u think xrp will drop below $1 ?
@btcer, thanks for your kind word i will follow your feeds.
btw do u think xrp will drop below $1 ?
btcer RickyParker
@RickyParker, well, you have to look at price in stages. It's always, if this happens then look for this and if that happens then look for that. Trying to guess if a price will get down or up to a certain level
isn't as easy as some make it seem. The market will tell you when it bottoms and the market will tell you when it tops so rather than guessing you just let the market tell you when it's done going down
or done going up.
@btcer, you are right , haha just waiting for your analysis :
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