Possible scenarios for XRP

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Based on the 4hr log chart, the uptrend and downtrend cross at two points
1.67$ or 2.04$
Any close below 1.64 will throw the prices out of uptrend
Jan 10
Komen: Still moving inside the trend lines.
Jan 11
Komen: critical levels...
Jan 14
Komen: seem like we are out of the uptrend channel..
possible supports are 1.65 again and if that does not hold 1.17
Went down to about 1.67$ as you predicted a couple of hours ago and then fired right back up. Well done.
Where do you see ripple going from here? Short and long term?
hmmmhmmm wibholm14
@wibholm14, thank you.
Not a trading advice but IMHO:

Short Term: It is very hard to estimate as the market fluctuates heavily now. That is why I closed my positions on Ripple until I see clear indications upward. So watch the channels closely.
Mid Term: As long as the prices stay in the uptrend we can see another move up. My concern is the RSI divergence which to keep an eye on.
Long Term: I think that the price will increase in the long term after this needed correction.
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