XRP doing a bullflag. Pump soon possible, but how high?

XRP is doing a bullflag, which is a few weeks long, so we could see a pump starting at some point in July. But it could still drag on for a while.
The question is of course now: Will this be the big one like some XRP shills like to draw here on tradingview?

My opinion is: No.
The big XRP pump will start when BTC starts making new ATHs, thus, when BTC is at 25k , 30k and more.
Then XRP will do the very large pumps, at least it was like this during the last bullmarkets, and I don't see a reason why XRP should now suddenly change
its price dynamics.

I see XRP pumping to the 1 USD region however, this year. It's possible we hit 1 USD, and then decline back to 50 cent, and range for quite a while, until the real pump starts to north of 10 usd in 2020-2021.

However, if BTC really should do the gold chart that I posted, and go to 20+k in 2019, then of course XRP might also go well beyond 1 USD this year.
As always, it again depends on bitcoins performance. But I like to remain more cautious about stuff, sometimes even too pessimistic, as seen with bitcoin the last months.

But the real interesting action with XRP will start when BTC hits the 100-200k area. Then it will be quite insane.
Until then however, I see XRP only doing smaller pumps.


My analysis is according to you!
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@renanshin, Nice, thanks for sharing :)
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