Ripple acts syncron to btc but with higher rises and lower falls

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
this means a clear drop to 8-9k for btc
Ripple BTC correlation Pearson Coeffcient is 0.21 in range
Are you getting some drugs ?? Bitcoin will not go to 8K , that's total BS!!
VanBenno 999Levin
@999Levin, Why not? Its true value is closer to 1000. Have you tried using it? It's a placeholder / n00b coin. Any time anyone actually sits down to use it they realize they've made a mistake. And they only make that mistake once.

If they (the noobs) want to hold BTC long term they'll sell it for NEO or something cheaper / faster when they need to make a transfer or just stay out of Bitcoin because 1) they aren't noobs anymore and 2) they realize almost anything else is vastly superior.

As long as this happens gradually and we all discuss why it is happening and why it is a good thing, the price of Bitcoin continuing to drop lower and lower between long periods of stability should be welcomed with a sigh of relief.
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