BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
Look at the chart!
Strong signals!
Komen: forgot to remove the lower buy box in top right side of chart.
I am looking at RSI, BTC and LTC they both reversed at RSI 92 ~ 94, couldn't be overbought anymore. i wonder if bankers money is in this Ripple.
WizardOfRealms CoinFinder
@CoinFinder, it is... they are buying ripple at its current prices... you know... the "ESCROWED 1 BILLION" that is supposed to be bought on jan 1st, 2018?
I think if you look at the three day chart... The 26th, 27th and 28th (was the first of three day charts) where the price had gone from: .98351 to 1.664 -
We are now in the 2nd (3 day run) the 29th, 30th and Jan 1st, 2018! so far... a low of 1.256 to 2.385 "THATS DOUBLE" so far... and we have 2 more days in this three day chart.
THEN, there's [Jan. 2cnd, Jan 3rd and Jan 4th) "IT WILL PROBABLY DOUBLE AGAIN!" So, we have I believe, at least 5 more days n(before things *MIGHT* simmer down.

I also suspect that just because the XRP is in 55 "smart contracts" doesn't necessarily mean that those contracts - while not releasing more than 1 billion a month - doesn't mean that someone else bought all 55 contracts at a very cheap rate already... and we are going to be in for one hell of a ride.

We beat "bit coin cash" and left them in the dust... and we're kicking "etherium's" FARGON - ICEHOLE... and probably will have overtaken "BITCOIN" by January 4th :::as the largest crypto-currency!
I would not doubt that the banks "HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT."

May XRP "Live long and prosper."
Yep. Super crazy. Looks at the MACD indicator. It doesn't seem to indicate that it will slow down any time soon. WTF?!
WizardOfRealms mikehill85
@mikehill85, read my post above when you click on the link. Best wishes for a HAPPIER NEW YEAR!
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