I think XRP will continue to perform

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
XRP in my opinion will continue to rise at least to 1.63 in the next days to come if not sooner. Just my opinion. What is yours?
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Target Reached. Congrats...Lets see how much higher before 2018...Good luck Traders.
Yes, lot of positive news with recent collaboration with Japan credit companies will give it a boost and fact that it was the only survivor of the last correction.. What do you think about BTS (Bitshares ) on long term?
barrylaney patelcrypto
@patelcrypto, I am invested big in BTS but please don't use my opinion for your trade decisions. My opinion of BTS is very hopeful. The price has risen greatly in the past few days and I feel it will slowly continue with its ups and downs as all coins do. Good luck in all your trades.
cryptoriches barrylaney
@barrylaney, at what levels you are expecting corrections and at what range is good to enter again??. You advice is appreciated
barrylaney cryptoriches
@cryptoriches, First please don't use my advice for trading. I myself seem to be wrong more than right with my TA. Right now XRP is defying gravity so I can honestly say in my opinion I don't know at the moment but as I continue to watch it reach a moment of decrease in momentum I can tell more about what may happen for an good entry for day trading or swing trading. If you are considering long term investment to hold then I think anytime is a good time because I feel that in a few years XRP could be number one on the crypto currency list. I thought a correction would come as soon as BTC corrected and that XRP would follow but it dang sure didn't. It is still climbing as we speak. I will try to keep you updated as I watch it. Thanks for your input and questions. Again do not take my advice as your trade advice. Please research and take into account all aspects of this coin and others expert opinions. Happy Trading.
cryptoriches barrylaney
@barrylaney, Thank you so much for your reply. I would be glad if you can share with me your insights on XRP correction and entry opportunity. Also following you to understand your point of view on other currencies. I am aware that you are just sharing your observations and by no means investment advisory :).

your opinion is pretty solid. I think XRP will stabilize in that range for a short break and time to build up market cap.
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